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Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page

Yes szkita lovag, you are right.  

The modern western type of life style is pretty much simplified and not so beautiful without any rules of behavior or manners.  

Ossetian code of behavior suffers from that disease too, but it hasn't died yet.  

I hope one day we will bring it to the same level that our ancestors kept it on. 



ˮ񩧠ﳰ楠볨񯣠鸠 Ruslan Kuchity 4.4.2012 .

02.04.2012 , 05:01 [ E-mail ]
szkita lovag : traditions2 go to the top of the page

Dear Ruslan, 

I wanted also to add that I admire these traits of restraint, modesty of behavior, eating, drinking, etc. If you read about Anarchasis the Scythian philosopher on Wikipedia these traits are also mentioned. This philosopher upheld the same beliefs. Scythians did not like Greek customs at all, either, probably because the Greeks indulged.

01.04.2012 , 20:04
szkita lovag : Traditions go to the top of the page

Hello Ruslan! If only the whole world could live by these rules that you explain in "Ossetian Norms of Behavior." In today's world honor is fast dissapearing and yes, younger people now wear shorts to a gathering where they should be glad to wear their "Sunday Best." Will it be a bathing suit tomorrow? Standards seems to be sliding down the slippery slope no matter where you look. It's quite disturbing. Rules were made for real reasons....

01.04.2012 , 19:54
MKLioness : Doing a Project go to the top of the page

Hello, Ossets! I am a filmmaker from the US and actually I am Macedonian, but I have a large interest in different cultures from my own, so I found out that this is challenging and different by reading Medea and about 20 books out there! Anybody here to help me with the film? e-mail makssmart@yahoo.com. Thanks! Appreciated so much!

18.11.2010 , 07:07  
Ben Wilson : Roles of Women go to the top of the page

In ancient times it was reported that Sarmatian women dressed rather like the men and sometimes fought in battle. This tradition seems to be supported by archaeological evidence where women have been found buried with weapons and in full battle dress.  


Are there any references to this tradition in modern Ossetian culture? Under what conditions would women be allowed fight? 



Sorry for the late response.  

Yes, Ben. Regarding Sarmatians you're right.  

Nowadays Ossetian women would fight in just few cases: in order to protect their homeland and on sport arenas.  

There were many women fighting Nazis during WW2. My aunt was one of them.  

And there are many nice Ossetian young women competing at the world class karate, judo, arm-wrestling tournaments.  

Ruslan Kuchiev  


ˮ񩧠ﳰ楠볨񯣠鸠 Ruslan Kuchity 2.4.2012 .

07.08.2009 , 15:32  
Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page

Dear Liria, 

Sorry for the late response. And thank you for your interest toward Ossetians.  

As far as I know the only source to learn Ossetian language without speaking basic Russian is the corresponding chapter of this web site.  


Unfortunately, almost all internet resources helping people learn Ossetian are based on Russian language.

12.04.2009 , 18:44 [ E-mail ]
Liria : Translation into Albanian go to the top of the page

Dear Ruslan, 


I will translate your text into Albanian. I have lived for four years in Albanian countries. Especially in the North, in the mountainous regions, Albanians had very, but very similar customs (with the exception of the hat issue): assembly of the elders, respect to the elders, importance of honour, vendetta, honour being more important than life etc. 

I am waiting with curiosity for more information! 


Something else: As my contribution as a linguist to peace, I would like to learn a little bit of Ossetian/Iron (having learned a bit of Georgian some years ago). But all I could find on the internet was a phrase list English-Ossetian, where Ossetian is in Cyrillic letters. So I have to find a Cyrillic alphabet and transcribe it ...  

Do you know some other resources? Or could you just tell me how to say "PEACE" and "STOP THE WAR" and "PEACE FOR OSSETIA" and "I WANT PEACE NOW"? 


Peace - MIP - Mshvidoba 


Silke Liria Blumbach

11.08.2008 , 00:59  
Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page

Ricardo, that would be great. 

In case if you have any questions just e-mail me at the address above.  

10.07.2008 , 05:53 [ E-mail ]
Ricardo : go to the top of the page

I think I could help with Spanish translation.

09.07.2008 , 18:15  
Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page

So far I was able to translate and publish here just one third part of the real volume of this article. Lack of free time doesn't let me move forward as fast as I would like to. But hopefully I will finish it within the next 2-3 weeks.  


But it would be great if somebody translates it into Spanish, French, German, Turkish or any other languages. So many people around the world are interesting in learning more about Ossetian traditions and language. But they do not speak neither Ossetic, Russian, nor English.

05.07.2008 , 20:46 [ E-mail ]
Ricardo : Thanks go to the top of the page

Thank you so much

05.07.2008 , 16:09  
Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page


It is too hard to explain all nuances of Ossetian traditions applied to the certain cases.  

But in general, you can follow the Knighthood's rules and traditions. They are pretty close to ours.

04.07.2008 , 19:16 [ E-mail ]
Ricardo : Respect to elders go to the top of the page

Hi from Spain! I wanted to know which was the right behaviour when you knew someone adult, I mean, you are going to know a relative of an Ossetian friend and you want to show that relative how much you respect him/her, what are you supposed to do? 




04.07.2008 , 17:57  
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