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You are wasting your time, because we delete all commercial messages 3-4 times a day, so nobody can even read them.  





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ˮ񩧠ﳰ楠볨񯣠鸠 Ruslan Kuchity 30.3.2023 .

24.02.2023 , 19:21 [ E-mail ]
MMM : Happy Nowruz! go to the top of the page

Happy Nowruz to all our brothers and sisters! May the year bring great joy and prosperity to you and your families. 


Best and warmest wishes, 



21.03.2017 , 17:27
Tanya Doyle : Ossetian Artist go to the top of the page

Hello! In the section of Artists on your website I did not find the name of , he is Ossetian and he is quite known in Ossetia, he is also my relative, (I am some part Ossetian). Here is a link in Russian http://www.sociosphera.com/publication/conference/2011/93/razvitie_izobrazitelnogo_iskusstva_i_zhivopisi_v_severnoj_osetii_v_2030e_gody_hh_veka/ 


Why did you not include him? :( I was happy to find your website, but did not find my relative mentioned and now am confused about it.  

13.04.2016 , 05:18
Bahram : go to the top of the page

Dear Ruslan 

Zoroastrianism is a branch of Mithraism. Mithra (Mehr) is the greatest king among all of the angels.

07.01.2016 , 13:41  
Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page

Hi my friend,  

Ossetian religion is probably closer to Zoroastrism (Zaratushtra) than to other official religions. Regarding this issues I don't even know what source to recommend you.  

there are not too much information written in English. You might check this article and it will probably help 


05.01.2016 , 23:32 [ E-mail ]
: go to the top of the page

Dear Ruslan,  

I live in Iran. I listened the music of ossetians. It is very interesting and beautiful. However, we, Iranians or Pars, are far from ossetians' nature. The culture of Persians become very different and odd to our old friends, ossetians. Perhaps, just some common names are the same among us. I wish to visit ossetia.  

I have heard that ossetians believe in one god, and seven Izads (angels). It seems to be a mitraee religion. If you know some communities that have information in this regard, please introduce me.  

Thanks a lot, Bahram

05.01.2016 , 22:19  
Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page

Hi Mo Zadeh,  

As far as I know there are no economical or political ties between Iran and Ossetia. North Ossetia is part of the Russian Federation, and it acts in compliance with the Russian laws. South Ossetia is an independent country, but not recognised by Iran.  

I remember some Iranian officials visiting North Ossetia few years ago, but they probably just checked the situation there and the economical environment. Same with the cultural ties. So, unfortunately I can give you the same answer - "none" for almost all of your questions.  

This "none" might change to "some" though in the future, especially now, when the West starts cancelling the sanctions against Iran.  

14.07.2015 , 23:26 [ E-mail ]
Mo Zadeh : go to the top of the page

Dear Ruslan, 


I appreciate your efforts for establishing this website. It is very useful. 

I am from Iran and I was really wondering when the google map showed me somewhere named Iran outside of my country in Kavkaz and then I was more introduced with traditions and facts about Ossetia-Alania.  

I have read the previous comments and articles about the relationships between our language and cultural roots. But I had some questions that I couldn't find their answer via internet since most of the data is in Russian language. 

I would like to know more about the current relationships of Ossetia with Iran. Are there any official delegations in both countries? Are there any cultural and artistic contacts between artists of two countries such as joint concerts, galleries, etc? 

How much Ossetian merchants are in touch with their Iranian peers? How is the economic relations between these two? Can you introduce someone who has knowledge of the goods and deals in Ossetian market?  


Best Regards,

12.07.2015 , 13:29  
Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page

A big question :) 

The southern part of Ossetia was forced to join Georgia in 1922. Since then Georgian leaders always tried to assimilate those Ossetians into Georgian culture, language, religion, etc. But they failed. Republic of South Ossetia is independent now and they are free in any efforts to preserve their language and their ancient culture.  

By the way, I communicated with many Iranians and it seems to me that your opinion about Ossetian - Russian relationship does not reflect the reality. It is a long story, but Ossetia joined Russian Empire voluntarily in 1774 and since then Ossetians always were among the best fighters to protect Russia from enemies. There is absolutely no any problem between Russians and Ossetians as well as there is no intentions from Russian government to assimilate Ossetians. We have our Republic of North Ossetia with parliament, ministers, constitution and all required laws. So we our self are responsible for the future of our culture and language, not anybody else.  

Yes, almost every Ossetian knows that our ancestry and our language have ancient Iranian roots. That's why we respect Iranians so much. We also know about Zarathustra and our own ancient beliefs are close to this religion. There is no official religion in Ossetia, though. Part of us consider themselves Christians, about 10% - Moslems and the most of us are trying to preserve the ancient culture and traditions of our ancestors.  

04.03.2015 , 09:15 [ E-mail ]
EY-IRAN : go to the top of the page

THANK YOU RUSLAN... I wonder how much the Population of Ossetia themselves know about the Connections and Relations to other iranian people like Persians, Kurds, Tajiks etc... since Russians often want the osetia to separate from Georgia and join russian federation, don't the Russians try to Assimilate Ossetian cluture to more Russian? since Ossetian already use the same Alphabet as Russians and similar Religion!! Is there any awareness among Ossetians about to protect their IRANIAN heritage like culture, language etc??? are there any People interessted on the history of IRANIAN tribes and old iranian religions like "Religion of Zarathustra or Mitraism etc....For example in today IRAN lot of Young educated Iranians have enough of islamization and starting to be more interessted in their ancient religion

03.03.2015 , 15:57  
Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page

Regarding the folk dance art, Ossetians did not adopt anything from Russian dance culture, but from other Caucasian nations we definitely did. Ossetian, Chechen, Kabardian dances look like the dances of warriors. The folk dance always shows the character of the nation.

27.02.2015 , 22:19 [ E-mail ]
Ey-IRAN : go to the top of the page

Thank you ruslan.. I see some similarity in some Basic words like father, mother, etc it ais also interessting that some bird names like Goose or horse in both language definitly seem to have a similar root, while some other animal names like panther sounds fully diferent.. this could indicate that in the Region our ancestor originally came from there were gooses and horses but they must have been No panthers..so both words later have been developed once our ancestros were seperated throgh moving, wars etc those words like panther must have been created after the Separation... of coure as you also mentioned both languages have been changed and influenced through thousends years of history...I heard some ossetian Songs on web and even I don't understand, but the Sound of language remember me very strong to Farsi.... also I realize facial Features and Looks have some simlarities...of course it must be mentioned that in today IRAN probally only 45-50% of Population still Looks typical Iranian (Persian or Kurdish), cuz through history and mixture with turks, arabs,etc you will see lot of different ethnical Looks in IRAN..but I think it must be similar in case of ossetians too, since there were also mixings with Russians, turks etc... over history... what I would also be interessted is about ossetian people's culture (for example cuisine or clothing) I notice they have similar Dances like russians..althoug I am not sure if russian copy ossetian Dances or otherwise....

26.02.2015 , 11:23  
Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page

Salam, Ey-Iran, 

I worked with Iranians in Canada and tried to do some comparison as well. Ossetian is definitely related to the Iranian group of languages. I have no doubt about that. But both languages independently went through millenniums, changed and adopted a lot of words from other languages. I think the modern Farsi is also far from ancient Persian language, as well as Alanian-Ossetian apparently is not the one that our ancestors spoke 2 thousand years ago. That's why you can not find too many similar words, but the well known linguists do. They see the way the word kept changing.  

Nevertheless, here are the words you asked about (mostly using the more archaic Ossetian-Digoron dialect) : 


father = Fida, Mother = Mada, sister = Khuara, brother = Afsimar, God = Khutsau, Cow = Stur, day = Bon, Young = avzong, dog = Kuj (or Kudz), Paradise = Zanat, horse = Afsurgh (or modern - Bakh), panther = Farank, door = Duar, wall = Sis (Shish), square = faz, fire = Art , woman or wife = Uosa (Ush, binojnag), shame = Khudinak (also Azym =guilt) , Goose = Khaz, Jackal = no translation in modern Ossetian, other than Khaddag kuj = wild dog, wolf = biragh.  

And some more words with dipper roots: 

yogurt = mishyn, chease = sykht, Mount = khokh, knee = zang, foot = fad, head = Sar, gap = gap, palm = arm, fat = soj, meat = fyd, milk = akhsir, lamb = fysh, fish = kasag, murder = marda, arrow = fat, Sun = khur, Moon = maj, star = staly. 


This is probably enough for your comparison. I hope it helps.  


22.02.2015 , 20:47 [ E-mail ]
Ey-Iran : comparing basic words go to the top of the page

according to language experts Ossetian belongs to Iranian language families... but I think over thousends of years both languages "the today Farsi" and "Ossetian" has been gone throguh some changes and influences... usually a good compare is some Basic words.. I try to find some ossetian words for comparing, but since Ossetian pages online are all using the Russian Alphabet, it makes it hard to compare...here few examples, which I would like to know the ossetian words but in Latin Alphabet and not in russian letters, else I can't compare ..... father = Pedar (modern Persian), Mother = Madar (modern Persien), sister = Khawhar (modern Persian), brother = Baradar (modern Persian), God = Khoda (modern Persian), Cow = Gaw (modern Persian), day = Rouz (modern Persian), Young = JAVAN (modern Persian), dog = Sag (modern Persian), Paradise = Pardis (classic Persian), horse = Asb (modern Persian), panther = Palang (modern Persian), door = daar (modern Persian), wall = divar (modern Persian), square = Meidan (modern Persian,I think in Ukrainian they call it Maidan), fire = Atash (modern Persian), woman or wife = Zan (modern Persian), shame = sharm (classic Persian), Goose = Gaz (Persian), Jackal = Shoghal (modern Persian)

22.02.2015 , 18:51  
Slonate : Slonate go to the top of the page



I am Ossetian and my family came to Turkey in the early 1900's. My family name is Slonate.  

I would like to know more about my family and come in contact with my relatives. 


Thank you in advance for your supports. 


02.01.2015 , 05:37  
Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page

Hi Wertigo,  


Every Ossetian knows that we have brothers and sisters in Hungary - Jász people.  

All the best to you and to all Jászság! 

By the way,  

Here is the video made by our Ossetians about your people (in Russian language) 



09.01.2014 , 05:33 [ E-mail ]
Wertigo : go to the top of the page


I am from Hungary, Jászladány and I love your website. I live is the Jászság, founded the Jazyg people centuries ago. We Jász people orginate from the Alanian-Ossetian tribes, I know. 



08.01.2014 , 03:23
anahita : to Elaheh go to the top of the page

Dear Elaheh  

would be great if i can use your knowledge in my report

14.08.2013 , 17:17
anahita : Hi go to the top of the page


i am making a report for BC Woeld (Persian) about the connection between jaszbereny and jasz ppl and Iranian 

i am looking for ppl in Jasz who are able and want to talk to us  

and i need ossetians website's help as well  

i have sent an email either so i looking forward to hear from you.

14.08.2013 , 17:14
varigianguard : go to the top of the page

i wish a brief history of alanian kingdom from 1020 to 1050 specially around byzantium-georgians wars shirimni 1021 and sasireti 1042. 

and if you say any more information about alanian princess borena married a bagrat iv king of georgia. 

14.08.2013 , 13:54
Elaheh : go to the top of the page



I am an Iranian girl, I have studied Ancient Languages and Cultures, I write the result of my studies: 

Alan is other from of Ar-an: Ar=Arian =Ar-Arian+an (the sign for making plural in Iranica languages). 

Ar is from the root of "vocalic r"which means "being in movement or departure" because all Arians were Nomads with big herds and later on the second meaning appeared as" free and not slave of somebody" because Arians were free people and last meaning also came as 

" Noble". 

"Alans" are the posterity of Sarmatians that are mentioned in "Shahnameh" of Great Ferdowsi" who composed 30000 versed in pure "Dari Persian" and explained all the mythologies and histories of Arians and Iranians before Arab invading. 

Sarmatians who were known as a branch of Skythians had close ancestral bonds with other Arian nations 

Skythians were occupying all northern parts of Persian Empire during Achaemenid Empire.They made a kingdom for 25 years in 600 BC in currunt Azerbaijan but they were put aside by Medians,Scythians had been powerful during history.The queen of Scythians killed Cyrus the Great in war.Scythians occupied India, Sistan(Sakistan)in south west of currunt Iran,currunt Tajikestan,Afghanistan, Turkamainstan,Uzbakistan,Ghazzaghistan,Ukraine,Hungaury,they occuped middle Asia to east Europe .A branch of Scythians were "Parthians" who expel "Greek dynasty after Alexander from Persia.Scythians language is still alive in "Soghdian language in Tajikistan, ,and in Ossetia or Alania in Iron language"It must have a great bong with old Khorassani and Sistani dialect because after Arabs invasion khorassani poets and genious people survived "Sassanian Pahlavi by making grammatical changes by "Parthian language" which can be known as an Skythian language"and changed it to "Farsi Dari" which is New Persian. 

Many ancient nations and languages disappeared in the world but Alanians are still glorifying as an ancient nation with an ancient language. 





22.03.2013 , 12:31
alanus : go to the top of the page

Hi Alan 


In fact the word Iron comes from the root: "Ir" as -on suffix are used to give identity to nations or people, such as Keshk-on (used for Kabardinians) and Makkal-on (used for Chechens). The other suffix used in Ossetians for the same purpose is -ag (like in the case Urussag for Russians). Historians say that "Ir" or "Ar" was a kind of common definiton for the people around the region which Scythians and Sarmatians lived. You may see a Sarmatian tribe named Aorsi for example. And Al-an or Al-on is the word derived from Ar-on. Today in Ossetia there is a river and a valley near to it: Ardon, which means water of Ar.  


The name Ossetian was given by other people lived around them. Most probably it was due to a tribe among Alans living close to them (may be Aorsi I mentioned above) then they called all of them Os at first, and it became Osethi. 


May be you are confused a little bit, let me make it more open: Scythians, and Sarmatians too, were a combination of tribes/clans that have the same root at first but have an independence to some degree. They were coming together for important meetings/decisions or for a common war call. It is understandable because they were living a pastoral way of life, moving from one grass to another for their cattles and sheeps. Historians mention that also some conquered people annexed to them time by time. None is sure for the name 'Scythian', but for 'Sarmatian' or 'Sauromada' again historians say it is not a name to describe a one single nation, as I explained above.  


First there were Scythians, then when they were weakened, their akins Sarmatians replaced them. Their language was so close that you may see this with the river and place names given by the Scythians, e.g. Don means "water" in modern Ossetian and Dniester = Don-i-astaer means "big water". No need to mention the river Donau. 


And Sarmatians had three main sub-groups: From East to the West, Alans, Roxolans and Jaszags (or Iasyges as Roman called them). Last two dissolved in the regions they lived, or moved to other Roman provinces like in the case of 5.500 Jaszag cavalrymen to the North Britain. This case is the inspiration of the Arthurian Legend theory proposed by Malcor&Littleton. Indeed the last movie on King Arthur is based on it. If you did not, with your permission I suggest you to read the excellent book: 'From Scythia to Camelot' written by those two. 


When we look back to Alans; half of them moved to the west with Huns as vassals when they were conquered by them. The other half established a kingdom in the Kuban&Caucasus regions, Alania, and survived there until crushed by the army of Tamerlane. The remnants escaped to the higher places, which means the mountains of modern day Ossetia. There they were called Osethi by Russians and Georgians. Legends tell that national folk hero 'Nana' cured most of the children carried in this hard journey, like in the case of Mother Teresa, and in fact they say most of them were women and children. In one source I read in the internet it is said that the number of those survivors were just about 16.000 people. Researchers found that most of the customs followed by modern day Ossetians are dated back to Scythian times. But may be the marriage restriction between members of the same clans is back to those times, who knows. 


Iron is not just the single name for Ossetians. There are also other sub-national tribes/their dialects: Digoron, Tuallag and Kudairag (note the suffixes used in the first two and the other two). Digoron dialect is accepted as the most ancient one, I mean closest to Alans. But there is no shortage for communication, they all understand each other very easily, although the official language is based on Iron dialect. If you wanna resolve the issue at 80 %, when Digorons use 'z' replace it with 'j' it becomes Iron :) Of course there are very few different words for objects, e.g. for a chair Digorons say kaela and Irons say 'bandon', for the latter it is understandable that it comed from the verb: 'badaen' means 'sitting'; or Digorons say 'minkie' for 'little' and Irons say 'geatzel'. If you wonder other two, I may say that Tuallag is close to Iron and Kudairag is exactly between Iron and Digoron. 


Following Ruslan, I may add more similar words: dentag (tooth), mad (mother), fid (father), rasht (right), aieg (egg), doua (two), ses (six), asht (eight, acht in german), daej: (ten, dix in french), kaenin (making), zaeghin (saying in Digoron dialect, sagen in german), astaer (big, 'store' in scandinavian languages), hoch (mountain, like high in english), houd (hoot), and more interestingly: either (same as either in english). These are from my very restricted Ossetian knowledge. For the last one Ruslan may help us to explain, as far as I know the word either is used exactly same as in English, but in Ossetian it has a meaning, because it is a derivation of ei and there, which means this is too. 



08.02.2013 , 04:59
Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page


We pronounce the word "Iron" as is - [i:ron], and the word "Ossetian" as "Os-se-ti:-an" (not Os-sei-shian).  

By the way, there are at least 20-30 similar or closely related words in Ossetian and English / French languages: foot/ fad, shin, arm, gap, harm, ans, tu, door, name/nom, etc.  

From this point some relation between the English "iron" and the same Osseetian word doesn't look as a nonsense.  

As some historians say, our ancestors, Sarmats and Alans brought to Europe the traditions of equiping their wariors and horses in iron armour. Could the birth of the word "iron" be related to those who called themselves 'iron"? Who knows... 


ˮ񩧠ﳰ楠볨񯣠鸠 Ruslan Kuchity 30.1.2013 .

30.01.2013 , 04:13 [ E-mail ]
Alan : How to pronounce "Iron" go to the top of the page

I understand that many Ossetians refer to themselves as "Iron". It is also my understanding that "Iron" is a cognate with "Iran", "Alan", and "Aryan". 


Anyway, so I may become more educated on this, how does one pronounce the word "Iron"? In English we have a word with the same spelling, which means a ferrous metal, but how about the word "Iron" when it refers to people of Ossetian or Alan extraction? 


Also, what is the proper way to pronounce "Ossetian"? I see the word written, but I don't know how to pronounce it properly. 





29.01.2013 , 10:32
Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page

Hola Vor-Thora, 

Thank you for offering a help. Unfortunately, we don't make money on this web site and therefore we can not hire tranaslators for presenting the articles in other European languages.  

With help of some people we already have couple of them published in Spanish, though. 

You can find them over here: 



I would greatly appreciate any help from you. You can choose for translation any of the materials published in English version of this web site except those two already translated in Spanish. 

23.01.2013 , 07:12 [ E-mail ]
Vor-Thora : go to the top of the page

Hi, I love your website! I'm emailing you in case there is any way in which this website can be translated (at least the articles) into Spanish (and here I offer you my help), because my Spanish husband, Enrique Osset is from Ossetian origin centuries ago, and he would love to read this page, as he is very interested in finding out more of his original ancestors. Unfortunately he doesn't speak English like I do. Would it be possible to translate it? If necessary, I offer my assistance in doing so. 


Thank you very much, 



21.01.2013 , 04:19
Aman : Ossetian Words go to the top of the page

Greetings There, 


I am conducting a linguistic researches in terms of Scythian language. I surfed the web and luckily I got to your website. 


I need a source of Ossetic words in Latin alphabet. I will be most grateful if you would write me the Ossetic counterparts of the following words: 


snow - mit 


wolf - birah 

dog - kuydz 


rain - khavda 


to eat - xaryn  


to want - fandy 


to sleep - fynaj kanyn 


dream - balits 


salt - tsax 


sheep - fys 


dry - xus 


cool - (cold) - uazal 


to turn - zdaxyn, zilyn 


Thanks in advance. 


ˮ񩧠ﳰ楠볨񯣠鸠 Ruslan Kuchity 21.7.2012 .

20.07.2012 , 15:00
Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page


Thank you so much. 

I wish you the same. 


ˮ񩧠ﳰ楠볨񯣠鸠 Ruslan Kuchity 2.4.2012 .

02.04.2012 , 04:51 [ E-mail ]
Xerxes67 : Happy Nowruz! go to the top of the page

Ruslan - I hope that all is well, best wishes, and hope it is a great and prosperous year in Ossetia...

31.03.2012 , 05:38
IreneMilene : Ossetians in USA Shout-out! go to the top of the page

Hi, I am IreneMilene from Miami, Fl., USA. To all Ossetians living in USA, please shout-out! The more of us - the power we are!  

25.01.2012 , 04:15
DarkPreD : go to the top of the page

im from belgium but there is a wierd ossitic problem whit my girlfriend she tells me none of her familie "accept her sister and mother" that i have a relationship whit her, than they going to tell her that she is a whore :/ i dont know that cuz i cant comunicate whit the mother that mutch cuz she speaks russian and ossitian but a little dutch, aswell if there stephfather comes there nieece and stephbrother i need to run upstairs and be sillenced :/ that is why i dont like the relationship :/ is this realy in ossetia that why? sorry for my late relpy thanks for helping  

have a nice day

17.10.2011 , 14:02
LoveOssetia : go to the top of the page

God bless Ossetia!  

I live in Hungary, I am Jász. The Jász people are related to Ossetians!  

This website is very great job, I read so much. 

The Jász people of Hungary are love our Ossetian brothers! 

My interest for the Ossetian people and my dream: go to Ossetia and to discover this beautiful country, the old homeland of Jász people. 

Good luck, Ruslan! 


17.10.2011 , 13:24  
kola : go to the top of the page

DarkPred! welcome to facebook group http://www.facebook.com/groups/51835169698/?id=10150336133789699#!/groups/globalosetyaalania/ we speak english and ossetic! someone will try to teach you )

14.10.2011 , 03:31  
Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page

Where are you from, Jason? 

The best program in your case is - asking your girlfriend to teach you to speak Ossetic :)

10.10.2011 , 19:10 [ E-mail ]
DarkPreD : Selam go to the top of the page

hello sorry but my ossetic is very bad and i cant find enny free courses my girlfriend is ossetic and i got some questions do you have msn? so we could reply fast? facebook is fine to, i know some words but its hard to speak ennyways Boeznig reply please .. 

Greets Jason

09.10.2011 , 23:49
: go to the top of the page

lets unite again ... ARSOYEV ... USA

17.08.2011 , 06:06  
: go to the top of the page

i'm ossetian and armenian we lived together for over 2 thousand years lets unite again !!!!

17.08.2011 , 06:04  
Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page

Very interesting.  

I know there are several ethnic Ossetian families live in Montreal.  

Besides of that there is a scholar who visited Ossetia two times doing a research on historical and cultural issues.  

Please feel free to ask any question in case if you need help.

04.08.2011 , 03:02 [ E-mail ]
VanDame : go to the top of the page


(answer to a post on 30.07.2011 , 03:02) 




My interest for the history of the Sarmatians and Alans is a hobby for now, although I am considering expanding my passion for history. 


It all came about as the result of... curiosity. A month ago, I decided to discover the "other side" of Herodotus' Histories. I explored different points of view on what many call ancient history. This path took me from the successive Persian Empires to the Massagetae (source, Marcellinus) the Sarmatians, the Roxolani, the Iazyges, the Siraces, the consequences of the 4th century and beyond... all the way to Alania and Ossetia-Alania. I became really, really mad at the Huns and the Mongols as I read along and I became really happy when I discovered the legacy of the Sarmatians and Alans... from Spain, France, Ossetia-Alania to China. 

This is quite a journey through history and, yes, through the lives of the people who are a part of it. 


This is my view on "a beautiful legacy": finding our way through the many twists and turns of history - and life itself- remembering where we come from and being enthuastic about where we are going. This is why I am so impresed by the Sarmatians and Alans. 


Since I am currently working in an isolated area in the north of the province of Quebec - I am working for the federal government -, I don't have access to a solid library. Thankfully, there are Internet sources I have been able to refer to. This website has been helpful. I will soon move back to a bigger city that harbours many libraries and four universities! At last, I will get a hold of BOOKS and on a solid Internet connection to continue my journey! Yippee! 


At the end of August 2001, I was packing my bags to leave for Moscow, where I studied Russian (RGGU). At the time, I did not know about Ossetia-Alania. I was not really curious back then... If it would have been the case, I would had popped in to say hello! Well, no one knows what the future holds... 






P.S. I have kept a close watch on this text, but typos have probably crept in here... This iPhone keyboard is giving me quite a headache! 


03.08.2011 , 09:45 [ E-mail ]
Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page

Dear Julie, 

Thank you for the warm words.  

We are proud of our heritage indeed and we are trying to preserve it as much as possible. 

Is the history of Sarmats and Alans related to your job/school or it is just a hobby? 

30.07.2011 , 03:02 [ E-mail ]
VanDame : a.k.a.Julie ! go to the top of the page

Hello everybody! 


I discovered this website and project while doing a bit of informal research on the Sarmatians, Alani and Ossetians. I have been reading on and on way into the evening... and I am stunned by the incredible history of the Alani and their descendants. 


This is a beautiful heritage... 

This is a beautiful legacy, a legacy to be very proud of and to treasure! 


Life is full of surprises... I am very happy, because this may well be the beginning of a new adventure of knowledge and discovery for me! 




VanDame (Julie) 

Northern Quebec, Canada 


P.S. Sorry for the typos if any have made their way into this text. I only have an iPhone at my disposal and... its tiny and unfriendly keyboard is currently driving me bananas! 

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There is no such an Ossetian last name. But it sounds close to "Khoushata", which is the name of one of the oldest Ossetian clans.  

They settled in Zamankul, Khumallag, Zilga and some other Ossetian villages. If you could get some more information on your ancestry it would definitely help.

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Thank you for responding...Ive been told the last name was "Kousha" before settling in Golan Heights. 

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Dear friend, 

Kabardians, as well as Ossetians are not a tribe. They are a nation (or ethnic group) within the Russian Federation. Along with the Balkars they have their State, with government and all other institutions except the military forces.  

You can find out who your ancestors ethnically belong to, if you know what was their last name (clan name) before moving to Turkey or Syria. Without that nobody can give you a clear answer. 

But I think regardless if you are of Ossetian or Kabardian origin, you can be proud of your ancestry any ways. Both these nations have a great history, unique culture and amazing achievements.  



ˮ񩧠ﳰ楠볨񯣠鸠 Ruslan Kuchity 12.6.2011 .

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The last name is "merza" Ive always have been told that I am ossetian..my parents and grandparents are from Syria. recently i have been told that i am not ..but really from the tribe kaberdey..I do not believe this and am desperate to look for answers.

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Muito obrigado, josepinto103@gmail.com.

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É lindo o lugar! Por isso que todos querem preservar! É a nossa vida ancestral que aí guardada em macula! Reliquia de todos os terrestes! Muita coisa a nos dizer e muitos ouvidos a escutar. Meus olhos já filmaram...falta mais!

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I am very happy that I find this website by accident. I was looking for photos about my home land Ossetia and you can only imagine the pleasure I felt.thank you for your hardworking.I wanted to show them to my children as my late father did.For a lot of reasons I didn't learn our language but this is will not decrease my love for Ossetia.May allah bless you all and protect you.With my love from syria.

11.05.2011 , 14:45
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Those who bought the DNA test entering Family Tree DNA from this web site, please let me know about that.  



ˮ񩧠ﳰ楠볨񯣠鸠 Ruslan Kuchity 13.3.2011 .

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