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Kochenov Alexander
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Kochenov Alexander 




He was born on August 16, 1843 in Terskaya region. He started his military service as a praporshik of the 16th brigade when he was almost 18 years of age.  

It is quite interesting to note that the great Russian writer and thinker Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoi was serving in the artillery unit during the Caucasian war (this period of the Russian history was reflected in his novels Kazaki and Hadzhi-Murat). 

Through taciturn and passionless lines of the generals military career list documenting his distinctions and promotions arises the image of a fearless and talented commander. 

Alexander Kochenov was decorated with the Orders of St.Stanislav (3rd degree), St.Anne (3rd degree), St.Stanislav (2nd degree), St.Vladimir with the bow, St.Anne (2nd degree), St.Duke Vladimir (3rd degree). 

We can demonstrate how fast Kochenov was going up the service stairs. 

So, on December 29, 1873 he was appointed captain, in 1877 by the Highest order for military distinctions was promoted to lieutenant colonel and soon after to colonel.  

Important missions being entrusted to Kochenov were a clear evidence of how respected he was. Here is a concluding note in the generals military career list: Based on the Highest order coming on the 15th day of February of the year 1898 he is allowed to wear a silver medal in a buttonhole on St.Andrews ribbon which was granted in memory of the Holy sovereign Emperor Nicholas II. 

A.Kochenov was a true patriot of his native land, its fearless defender who served his Motherland until the last days of his life. 


Based on the book SONS OF MOTHERLAND by G.T.Dzagurova  

Translated by Andrei Varava  

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