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Dudarov Magomet
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Magomet Dudarov  


Major-general, one of the first Ossetian generals 


Magomet Dudarov graduated from Konstantinovsky Military School and was assigned to hold his service with the Gorsky Cossack Regiment. Due to his natural intelligence and courage shown in the combats, he obtained an excellent experience and was honored with orders and medals many times.  

Magomet was married to a daughter of General Mussa Kundukhov and had four sons and a daughter.  

In 1850 Magomet Dudarov was assigned to serve within the Staff of the Military Schools General Management. Since 1861 he took in charge of Tersky Cavalry Regiment. Ten years later, for the excellent service he was given a rank of Major-General.  

The battles were over. The wounds healed up. Retired General returned to Ossetia and settled in the mountain gorge which reminded him his childhood years. There, in Chmi, he died in 1893. 

It is noticeable that his older son Kurgako became a Major-General as well. 


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