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Kasabiev Arsen
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Arsen Kasabiev 


Talanted weightlifter, European champion of 2010, 

participated at three Olympics, representing Georgia and Poland.  



Born in November 15, 1987 in South Ossetia, currently is a Polish weightlifter of Ossetian origin. Represanted Georgia untill 2008. 

He was granted Polish citizenship in December 2009 and now represents Poland. 



2004 Olympics, Athens -14th.  

2008 Olympics, Beijine - 4th.  

Represented Poland at the 2012 Summer Olympics, in the event Weightlifting Men's 94 kg. He did not finish due to an injury. 



Arsen Kasabiev weightlifter from South Ossetia representing Poland at the Summer Olympics in London.  

The contestant does not want to represent Georgia the country which invaded his homeland in 2008.  

Georgian Olympic Committee and Weightlifting Federation gave an official consent to Kasabievs participation in the national colours of Poland. The documents on this matter have to be sent to the International Weightlifting Federation, and then via Polish Olympic Committee to International Olympic Committee who issues the final decision. 


We have tried to obtain the consent to Kasabievs participation in London Olympics for three years. The procedure is very complex We hope that IOCs decision will be issued soon enough for Arsen to easily prepare with us for London, said the national teams coach Mirosław Choroś. For personal reasons Kasabiev is now training in Georgia. He is coming back to Poland in middle May to participate in Polish championships, added the coach. 


Arsen Kasabiev was born on 15 November 1987 in Tskhinvali, South Ossetia. In September 2001, he came to Poland. He started to live in Ciechanow where he trained with the local section of CLKS Mazovia and competed in 94 kg class. After Beijing Olympics, which coincided with Georgian troops entering South Ossetia, there was a turnabout in his career. He resigned from representing Georgia in the international competition and applied for Polish citizenship. He won gold for Poland at the European Championships in 2010. 


I couldnt represent a country which was fighting against my homeland. I came back to Poland straight from Beijing and started to make endeavours to obtain citizenship. I feel at home in Poland. My personal and sport plans are bound up with Poland, said Arsen Kasabiev on 6 November 2009 after receiving Polish citizenship from President Lech Kaczyński. 

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