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Galaty Boris
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Boris Galaty  

(10.03.1889 — 1974) 


Well known Ossetian Soviet composer and conductor, the founder of Ossetian professional music, researcher and collector of Ossetian songs, Honored performer of arts of Georgia (1940)  


Boris Galaty began his creative activity as a musician in Petersburg in 1907. Graduated from the Leningrad musical school in 1932 (Class of a composition of P.Ryazanov).  

In 1938-51 he was the conductor (in 1941 - 1943 as well the director) South Ossetian drama theatre (Stalinir). 

In 1938 B.Galaty founded the South Ossetian ensemble of folk music and dance "Simd". Up to 1952 he worked as its art director and the conductor.  

Author of musical comedies "Groom" (1943), "Batradz from Nartov" (1942) and music to performances of South Ossetian theatre, including "the Trick of Skapena" Moliere (1942), "Russian people" Simonov (1942), "the Rock of the hero" G.Gulia (1945) and others. 





Vaso Abaev, Tsotsko Ambalov and Boris Galaev (Galaty) 


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