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Bzaev Yuri
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Yuri Bzaev  


Major-general of FSB 


Y.Bzaev was born in Kislovodsk.  

His father died when Yuri was just a year old. Later on he became a Suvorov Military School student. The kids, mostly the foster children, were receiving a very good education there including skills in music, dance, theatre etc. But Yuri preferred math, physics and engineering. That is why he entered the most prestigious Soviet technical University - Moscow Higher Technical School. After graduating from it, Y.Bzaev intended to choose scientific researches as a profession and started working on a PhD thesis.  

But shortly after that, he was appointed to work in KGB. In 1990 major-general Bzaev was appointed to the position of the Head of North Ossetian KGB (later FSB) agency and later to the Secretary of Security Council of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania.  

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