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Dzhikkaev Nagko
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Dzhikaev Nagko 

Holder of the 4 St.George's Crosses, a hero of the WW1  




To remember great heroes  


A monument to our compatriot holder of the 4 St.George crosses appeared in Ardon. 

There is no future without the past this is the truth to be remembered. And we do remember. One more evidence of that was the opening on September 30th in the downtown of Ardon of the monument to Inaldyko Dzhikaev, a complete cavalier of the 4 St.George crosses, native of Ardonsky district. 

The military museum Feat headed by Isabella Gasieva, initiated setting up of the bust of this WWI hero. It was due to the effort of the young people working in the museum that this event happened. 

Dzhikaevs children came from Moscow Nina Feodorova-Dzhikaeva, the heros daughter, now the Moscow mayors assistant, Konstantin Dzhikaev, the son of Nagko, labor veteran, WWII veteran, honorary citizen of Ardon. At the ceremony arrived: head of Ardonsky district Oleg Dzugaev, mayor of Ardon Dzantemir Zangiev, deputy head of the Veteran Council Murat Lekov, members of the republican parliament and many other people famous not only across the Northern Ossetia. The solemn opening of the monument was accompanied by gunfire and Russian and Ossetian anthems. 

It is worth adding that the monument to Nagko Dzhikaev is a work of a young and very talented sculptor Georgi Sabeev who was participating in some of the local events (including erection of the Fame Memorial in Vladikavkaz he was the arch designer). 

The monument to Inaldyko Dzhikaev (one of Ardon streets was named after him in 2003) became the second one in the Alley of Fame opened a few years ago in Ardon. It is one more reminder to us, descendants, that the famous past and its heroes must be hold sacred and we must learn from them.  


O.Dzgoeva, R.Lagkuev 


Translated by Andrei Varava  



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