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Before you read the information below I would like to recommend you these videos: 







It will help you to learn more about ensemble "ALAN" and about the folk dance art of the North Caucasian nations. 




The North Ossetian State Academical  

Ensemble of Folk Dance  




The State Academic dance ensemble "Alan" was founded in 1938.  

The generations of dancers have continued and developed the best traditions of Ossetian choreography for 65 years. As an ensemble it has reached the highest level of professional performance in folk dance art. The vast majority of the dancers graduated from the choreographic Colleges and Universities. 

In 45 countries of the world, including Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, France, Denmark, Holland, China, a wonderful dance performance of the ensemble was met with applause and cheers. They also showed their amazing talent at the best famous stages in Moscow and St.Peterburg. There are more than 20 Ossetian, Georgian, Armenian, Azeri, Kabardian, Adzharian, Russian and other dances included in repertoire. 


The ensemble "Alan" is a holder of the Russian Order of Friendship, a winner of the Golden medal of the International Festival of Five Continents held in Dijon, France, a winner of many other Russian and International contests, a North Ossetian K.Khetagurov's Prize laureate, a "Golden Apollo" Prize laureate.  

"Alan" is one of the most dominant Russian professional choreographic companies. It represents the national culture of Ossetia all over the world.  

In total the ensemble consists of 12 musicians, 5 singers, 51 dancers and 5 people of administration. They all constitute a single body, dedicated to their skill and passionate love for Dance.  









You can contact the ensemble at:




362003, Republic of North-Ossetia – Alania. 


77 Karl Marx St. 

The North Ossetian State Academical  

Ensemble of Folk Dance "ALAN" 


Tel.: +7(8672)754500 

Fax: +7(8672)758406 



e-mail: dance@alania.ru  

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