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GORETS (Highlander)  

Honored Folk Dance Ensemble of Gorsky State Agrarian University. 


Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia, 



General Manager and Producer - Yuri Alborov  






























The ensemble was founded in 1961. It completely consisting of the students and graduates of the Gorsky University. During the several decades Gorets has been developing and advancing the best traditions of the Ossetian national choreography. The ensemble achieved a very high level of performance. Using the language of folk dance art the students tell people about life, traditions and a spirit of Ossetians. 

For the amazing performing skills and outstanding achievements the ensemble Gorets was awarded a title of the Honored Ensemble of the Republic of North Ossetia Alania. 



The repertoire of the ensemble is based on the Ossetian national folklore and musical heritage.  

The audience in Russia and many other countries applauded for the dances Simd, Dance with Daggers, Dance of the Highlanders, Ossetian Waltz, Alanian Dance with Sabers, Invitation Dance, Tagaurian Dance, Alanian Playful Girls, Tualian  

Dance and etc. As well there are several Georgian, Abkhazian, Azeri, Adzharian dances.  





Honored Folk Dance Ensemble Gorets won the first prizes at the several all-Soviet, Russian National and international contests. 

In 1981, 1987 and 1989 Gorets became a Grand Prix Zvolenskaya Fuiara winner at the international contest in Czechoslovakia. 

In 2003 Gorets won a Grand Prix Golden Necklace at the international contest in Dijon, France.  

In 2005 they won a Gold Medal in Belgium.  



Gorets concert tours  

1962 Cuba 

1965 Finland  

1969 Laos, Vietnam  

1981 Czechoslovakia 

1985 Bulgaria 

1986 Romania 

1987 Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia  

1990 Italy, Yugoslavia 

1992 Great Britain, Bulgaria 

1993 Italy, Greece  

1994 Greece 

1995 Belgium, Holland  

1996 Spain 

1997 France, Italy 

1999 Syria 

2000 Spain 

2001 - Italy (Sardinia) 

2002 Spain, Portugal 

2003 France (Dijon) 

2004 Italy (San- Remo) 

2005 Belgium, Italy  




In the picture, Alana Kozaty performes the Azery dance with glass cups  









Contact "GORETS" at:  



Republic of North Ossetia Alania, 

362 000, Vladikavkaz,  

37 Kirov St.  

Gorsky State Agrarian University, 

Folk Dance Ensemble GORETS  


Fax. (7) 867-250-0050 [Attn. Yuri Alborov]  

e-mail ossetiagoretz@mail.ru 
























In the picture, Honored Ensemble of North Ossetia "GORETS" performing in Belgium. 2005.  


We wholeheartedly appreciate the great help of Alana Kozaty (Kozaeva), who supplied us with the presented pictures and info.  





Celebrating the 50th anniversary of GORETS!  




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