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Traditional, drinking and comic songs
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Uatsilla . Solo - Valery Tanklaty.  


Kastairagta . South Ossetian State Ensamble  


Drinking song. Old records  


Wedding Song. South Ossetian State Ensamble  


Shepherd's song North Ossetian State Ensamble. Old records.  


"Kudty Kudzi - the hunter". South Ossetian State Ensamble .  


"Chepena". Solo - Grish Plity.  


"Afsaty" Lirics- by Kosta Khetagurov. Solo - Grish Plity  


Song of hey-makers.  


"To the field of love" Vocal group "Suadon" 


"Soy tsauy". Vocal group "Fidan"  


" Long life to our elders" Ensamble "Suadon"  


"My five wifes" . South Ossetian Vocal group "Go, Ossetians, go"  


Drinking song Vocal group "Fidan"  


"Five sons" . Ensamble "Suadon"  


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