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Os Bagatar
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Os Bagatar  

Alanian commanderinchief, lead his people to many victories and glorious achievements.  


There was an Ossetian Tsar Tsarazzon Tsakhilty, who lived in the Kassar Gorge. He had a son named Os. Later they called him Os Bagatar (The Brave). Once, when invading Georgia, Os Bagatar abducted the sister of Georgian Tsar Vakhtang Gorgaslan. That action sparked a big war between Ossetians and Georgians. They had several battles without any winners. 

When Gorgaslan realized he can not overpower Os Bagatar he decided to manage the situation by ruse. He offered peace and agreed to legalize the marriage of his sister and Os-Bagatar. To talk about the conditions Gorgaslan invited Os Bagatar to his camp which was separated from Ossetians with the Aragviy River. Os Bagatar did not expect any treachery. Taking a small group of his troops he was crossing the river, when hail of Georgian arrows flying from ambush killed him. He fell down and disappeared in the water  


The newspaper Terskie Vedomosty, 1870  

(Translated from Russian)  



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