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Bolloev Taimuraz
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Bolloev Taimuraz  


One of the most successful and dominant Russian businessmen.  


The former President of Joint Stock Company "BALTIKA Brewery" considers beer brewing a strategically important industry, which can (as the automobile industry did in the post-World War II Germany) lead the country out of the economic crisis.  

Taimuraz Bolloev was born on February 28, 1953 in North Ossetia, in a teachers' family. In 1980 he graduated from the Moscow Technological Institute of the Food Industry with a major in brewing technologies and production.  

"Beer has always been the national drink for the Ossetians, just as wine - for Georgians. For centuries beer has been brewed in our villages, and I had been rather resolute about my professional choice since adolescence." says Bolloev. 

Taimuraz Bolloev began his career as a shift supervisor of a malting shop at the Stephan Razin plant in Leningrad, which produced non-alcoholic beverages in addition to brewing beer. Until 1991 he worked there as the deputy shop director, then as the director of the bottling shop, and the last 4 years as the plant's chief brewer.  

In August of 1991 Taimuraz Bolloev came to work at an unfinished "BALTIKA" plant, which has been standing idle for 18 days due to the lack of raw materials.  

A highly qualified brewer, Taimuraz Bolloev created a company that has increased its production volume 38 times over the last 11 years, and in 2000 brewed more than 1013 million litres of beer. In 1998 "BALTIKA" became the largest taxpayer in Saint Petersburg.  

Taimuraz Bolloev says that the high quality of "BALTIKA" products depends on three principal factors - raw material, modern equipment and the professional skills of the employees.  

"The brewing of beer reminds of medical science in that there are many directions to be explored. Everyone involved in beer brewing returns to the field - you can only leave a brewery to work at another brewery," - says Taimuraz Bolloev.  

Music is a great hobby of Mr. Bolloev. He attends almost every premier at the Mariinski Theatre and performances of various opera theatres on tour in Saint Petersburg. He particularly appreciates Pavarotti and Placido Domingo, distinguished opera tenor singers. He likes singing songs himself. He also enjoys the broadcasts of "BALTIKA" radio station, and this year "BALTIKA" brewery and "BALTIKA" radio station celebrate their six-year anniversary of mutual cooperation.  

In his spare time (which he doesn't have too much) Taimuraz Bolloev takes pleasure in nature, he fishes and hunts. At weekends he enjoys cooking meat and fish. He prefers beer, particularly "Baltika", to stronger alcoholic beverages. It is "Baltika-1" in the summer, darker kinds of beer in the winter, "Baltika-3" in the Russian steam bath. He does, however, also like to taste new sorts of beer, which appear on the world market. As a beer brewer he is always interested in determining the brewing method by the taste, and to uncover other details of the production process.  

Taimuraz Bolloev often visits museums, where he is particularly interested in the collections of various antique and national weapons.  

In the scientific field Sergey Korolev holds Mr. Bolloev's utmost respect, in the artistic sphere he distinguishes his friend Valery Gergiev. His favourite sports are hockey and judo.  

Taimuraz Bolloev has been awarded a medal "For Service to the Motherland" of the second degree (1995) and of the fourth degree (2000), an "Order of Honour" (1997), and an order of the Russian Orthodox Church (1998).  

In October 2000 the president of Joint Stock Company "Baltika" Taimuraz Bolloev was awarded a high public reward in the sphere of food industry "For Profusion and Prosperity of Russia" in nomination "For Introduction of Up-to-date Technologies into Industry". Besides, by the results of the contest, conducted by a Russian business weekly "Company", Taimuraz Bolloev was recognized as the best Russian manager'2000 in nomination "Food Industry. According to the estimations of the "Expert" magazine, the President of "Baltika" was recognized as one of the most influential Russian businessmen of Federal level. Twice (in 1999 and 2000) Taimuraz Bolloev became a laureate of the "Profile of the year" contest, annually conducted by "Profile" magazine, in nomination "Business Profile."  

In March 2001 Taimuraz Bolloev was awarded a Grand Prix of Russian National Prize in the business area, Business Olympus, for his distinguished contribution to the development of domestic business undertakings.  

In December 2001 Baltika Brewery for the second time since 1999 became a laureate of Goods of the Year national prize in the nomination Beer. The winner of the final rating was Baltika #3 Classical trademark. In December 2001 within the bounds of Federal program 100 best Russian goods Baltika was acknowledged a quality leader. Taimuraz Bolloev, the President of the Company, was awarded a medal for quality. The contest's organizers were Russian State Standard and the Academy for Quality Problems. In that year Baltika also won the 5th All-Russia annual contest The Best Russian Enterprises in the nomination For Stainless Reputation.  

Taimuraz Bolloev is a member of the Russian Enterprise Board, vice-chairman of the Union of Russian Beer and Non-Alcoholic Beverages Producers, a member of The Centre for Strategic Elaborations `North-West'.  

In 2002 Russian Federation and Brazil Federative Republic reached an agreement on setting up an honorary consulate in the North-West of Russia. Under the mutual agreement T. K. Bolloev, the President of Baltika Brewery, was appointed the honorary consul of Brazil Federative Republic in Saint-Petersburg and other cities.  

In 2004 Taymuraz Bolloev unexpectedly resigned from CEO in Baltika. Considering his good relationship with Vladimir Putin, many expected him to go in politics. Some expected he would become a President of North Ossetia. But instead in February 2005 Mr.Bolloev decided to take in charge the garment company in St.Peterburg. 


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