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Musulbes David
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Musulbes David  



Dominant free-style wrestling star. 

Honored Sport Master of Russia  

Heavy weight class (130 kg.). 



- Olympic Champion (2000, Sydney) 

- 2008 Olympic bronze medalist 

- Two time World Champion (2001, 2002)  

- Bronze medalist at World Championships in 1995, 1997 

- Five time European Champion (1995, 1997, 2001, 2002, 2008 ) 

- World Cup winner (1995, 1997) 

- Winner of the “Good Will Games” (1994) 

- Five time Champion of Russia 

- Winner of many world competitions 

- Officially recognized as the best free-style wrestler in the world in 2001.  






David Musulbes was born in Vladikaukaz, North Ossetia. He graduated from the North Ossetian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and from the North Ossetian State University, specializing in law. 

Trainers: S. Biazrov and K. Dedekkaev. 




D. Mussulbes has been competing for Russia within the National team since 1989. He has been honoured with the Order of Honour and some medals. In 2005 he was appointed one of the trainers of the Russian national free-style wrestling team. 

But in 2008 he decided to return back to wrestling and later on competed at the 3-4 tournaments, representing Slovakia. At the European Championship he proved he is still strong enough, winning the gold medal.  

At the Olympic wrestling tournament D.Musulbes won all matches, but one - to his old friend and fellow Ossetian Artur Taymazov, who became a two time Olympic champion, representing Uzbekistan. 36 years old David Musulbes won the bronze medal.  


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