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Baroev Khasan
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Khasan Baroev  


Outstanding Greco-Roman style wrestler, heavy weight. 

Olympic, World, European and Russian National champion. 




2004 Olympic Games - gold 

2003,2006 World championships - gold 

2003, 2004, 2006, 2007 Russian National championships - gold 

2007 World championship - silver  


Khasan Baroev belongs to a younger generation of Ossetian wrestlers. Khasan competes in Greco-Roman wrestling style. On his way to the Olympic gold medal Khasan revenged the loss of the legendary Alexander Karelin by defeating Olympic Champion Rulon Gardner (USA)  


Date of birth: December 1, 1982  

Competition Weight Class: HWTkg. 

Trainers: Vladimir Uruimagov and Gennadiy Sapunov 




Additional information: 


The news report from Athens Olympic Games 

25 Aug. 2004  

ATHENS, August 25 - The title of the Olympic Champion in the Men's Greco-Roman 120kg category is going back to Russia after 21-year-old Khasan BAROEV's (RUS) 4-2 victory over Georgiy TSURTSUMIA (KAZ).  

It would appear the 120kg category has found its new star as BAROEV is now reigning World Champion as well as Olympic Champion.  

Meanwhile, with two yellow cards in favor of him and one additional point in extension time, Rulon GARDNER (USA) won the bronze medal in the 120kg Greco-Roman category. 




GARDNER, who became an overnight hero by beating legendary Aleksandr KARELIN (RUS) in the final in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, said goodbye to his Wrestling career.  


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