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Bestaeva Tatyana
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Bestaeva Tatyana  


The National Actress of Russia. 


Was born in June, 13th, 1940 in Vladimir Bestaev's, the known Ossetian actor of the mute cinema remembered on a role abrek Zaur from the movie "Abrek Zaur". 


In 1961 Tatyana Bestaeva has graduated from the State institute of cinematography in Moscow. 

C 1961 - the actress of the Mossovet's theatre. 





Acted in films:  


"The Sailor from" the Comet "" - 1958г. 

"It is impossible to pass the bridge" - 1960г. 

"The novel and Francheska" - 1960г. 

"Foreigners "- 1961г. 

"The person follows the sun" - 1961г. 

"Shades of the forgotten ancestors" - 1964г. 

"A green spark" - 1965г. 

"On a wild shore" - 1966г. 

"Seven old men and one girl" - 1968г. 

"A day train" - 1976г. 

"Days of surgeon Mishkin" - 1976г. 

"I am in charge for you" - 1984г. 

"The midday thief. Business N18  

(" The Investigation is Conducted by Experts ")" - 1985г. 

"A Broadway of my youth" - 1996г .

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