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Bedoev Shalva
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Shalva Bedoev  


An Artist, Professor, Doctor of Science, The Honored Artist of Russia, The Member of the Russian Academy of Arts 


About the Artist  


The name of Shalva Bedoev talented artist, representative of Russian School, The Honored Artist of Russia, The Peoples Artist of Ossetia, and The Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts has been known long ago to the art-lovers. From the mid 70s he started presenting his artworks at all large art exhibitions in Russia. His paintings became an integral part of Russias contemporary art.  

In his artworks he applies easel painting techniques lately used in art. He extends the borders of a genre using compound art images and symbolism common for Monumental Art.  


Shalva Bedoev is a great colorist. Misted color pallet reminds colors of Ossetian nature. Although Bedoevs superb art skills resulted from comprehension of Russian and other world fine art techniques, he is a true national artist. His paintings are national by their essence, but not due to image types and nature peculiarities of Ossetia. For him, painting national characters is not about applying commonly used techniques. It is about his deep affiliation with Ossetian people and considering himself as a link in the chain called the national spirit. Bedoev continues his art song following the greatest traditions of Russian and West-European Schools. 


He is a constantly working, thoughtful and setting new goals artist. He is always in a search for new decisions. .. 


V.M. Sidorov, Professor 

The Chairman of The Art Union of Russian Federation, The Peoples Artist of The USSR 



Born in North Ossetia, Shalva Bedoev has been elected as a Full Member of the Russian Academy of Arts. For 250 years of existence of the Russian Academy of Arts, title of the Academician, for the first time, has been awarded to the representative of national minorities of the Caucasus. It has been Shalva Bedoev Ossetian residing in Vladikavkaz. 



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