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Live Ossetian speech
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MP3 files 


Poet and journalist Akhsar Chedzemty and senior from Gizel, Zarabi Torchinty on the radio talk-show "Khurzarin" .  



Prayer in Digoron  



Turkish ethnic Ossetian, Chedzemty Shevket's wishes, addressed to  

all Ossetian people 




North Ossetian Radio Broadcasting 

informs the audience about the new play written by A.Ostrovsky and put on the stage of the  

North Ossetian State Theatre. 



South Ossetian broadcasting. 

About mountain village Sinagur. In Kudar dialect.  



Kadzaty Stanislav's talk-show "Uatsamonga". North Ossetian Radio Broadcasting.  

Discussing the problems of Ossetians.  




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