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Lolaev Arnold
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Arnold Lolaev  


Painting, sculpture and the graphics 


Arnold Lolaev — the member of the Union of Artists of Russia, works in different genres: painting, the graphic, and sculpture.  

In 1971 Arnold Lolaev has ended the Moscow State institute of a name of Surikov. The participant of many Russian and international exhibitions.  

Its works are in museums and private assemblies of Russia, and also decorate interiors of premises and ex-terriers in Moscow and many cities of the adjacent states.  

Arnold Lolaev offers training to the fine arts (training of painting and to drawing, a sculpture), accepts orders for creation of portraits and pictures, the decision of interior design for apartments and offices. In design of premises the author’s pictures in various technics, a mosaic, frescos, oil and a decorative sculpture is used.  

Artist also makes unique memorial monuments and sculptural images.  


More information and the artist's gallery are available at  




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