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Beslan tragedy  


The news reports on September 1, 2004 stunned the whole world. Early in the morning, a large group of heavily armed terrorists entered the town of Beslan (North Ossetia ) from the neighbouring Ingushetia and surrounded School #1 taking more than 1200 people hostages, including almost all of the students who attended the school and their parents, who had come to the school with flowers to celebrate the Day of Knowledge. They kept the hostages locked up in the school gym with no food and no water for three days. They executed most of the young men right away and set up plenty of bombs all over the school. When two of the bombs accidentally exploded the parents, relatives of the hostages, volunteers and Russian Special Forces rushed in, chaotically storming the school in an unplanned move. As a result of those horrible days: 331 people died, 186 of them children. The vast majority of the other hostages were wounded.  























(Remembering Beslan School Tragedy of September, 2004) 


We stand to watch, yet once again 

As tragedies go by 

Same violence and terrorists 

Which raise their heads up high 


Same suffering and criminals 

Same justice and same law 

Now terrorism has no boundaries 

As we all shockingly saw 


So who’re the sinners in these crimes? 

The rebels and their troops? 

Or could it be, the world as one? 

So downwardly we stoop 


How can we view these acts of sin? 

And stay so deafly silent 

Lets stop to think and realize 

This isn’t what is meant 


What happened to respect and value? 

We need a resolution  

Let’s grasp the thought. We’re lacking love 

We need a good solution 


Stop letting children suffer 

Stop letting people grieve 

These things must now get recognized 

And hopefully achieved 


As looking down upon his makings 

Lets make our Creator pleased 

If we come forth, and join with love 

The violence will be seized…  


By: Dzerassa Kuchieva  

(15 years old). 

Representative of the Ossetian-Canadian youth 

September 4, 2004 






The folowing several pictures were taken during the visits of three groups of kids from Beslan to Toronto in 2005  


At the meeting of Beslan children with Ossetian community of Toronto. February, 2005  




On a top of CN Tower  




Niagara Falls.February, 2005.  




At Besolovs family and Russian-speaking community of St.Catherine.  



Welcoming the Beslan orphans in aeroport.  




It is a big pleasure to welcome, but hard to say "Good bye". May, 2005.  




August 2005. A new group of Beslan children and their chaperons coming from Montreal meets the Ossetian community at the Circus School of Kantemirovs.  




Ossetian folk dance - is probably the best expression of a joy, they experienced communicating with fellow Ossetians  




Oleg Kantemirov meets the kids at his Circus School. August, 2005  




At the Famous Players in Toronto. Don't we look like the Hollywood actors?  




Natalia Glebova, Miss Universe Canada, who then became a Miss Universe 2005 meets Beslan children in Oleg Kantemirov and Tatiana Zubrilina's (at left) Circus School.  






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