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Ossetia and Ossetians
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These proud Ossetians voluntarily rebuilt Sunctuary Rekom.  









Ossetians and Adygs in Ankara (Turkey)  







Ossetian Valery Gazzaev and the players of FC CSKA, the 2005 UEFA Cup winners.  


















Heavy weight weightlifters - Aslanbek Enaldiev (Ossetian) and Vasiliy Alekseev. Two strongest men in the world in 1970th.  



Legendary captain-commander of the nuclear icebreaker "Arktica" Yuri Kuchiev visiting one of the secondary schools in North Ossetia. 1970th. 



































This is also a part of the Ossetian life. Muldar Khetagurov's funeral party in Nar, North Ossetia. (photo from "National Geographic" magazine, 1996)  





The camp of rock climbers in Digorsky Gorge  



Ancient Church in Lisri.  



Part of the Memorial of Glory in Vladikavkaz  




The next several pictures were taken in South Ossetia.  







The leaders of two parts of Ossetia Taymuraz Mamsurov and Eduard Kokoity at the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the South Ossetian independance.  




Tskhinval. Path of Fame.  




They say that Scotch Whisky and Ossetian Araka are brothers and have the same taste. Ossetians keep this technology unchanged for many centuries. You wonna try? It's great!  




The young dzhigits of South Ossetia  




The beauties from Tskhinval  




Drama "Sarmat and his sons" at North Ossetian State Theatre Stage, Colonel Sarmat - USSR National Artist V.Tkhapsaev, 1967 г.  



Folk group "Atsamaz"of Gorsky State University, popular in 1970-th 




Dancing elders.  




Ossetians selebrate 




Ancient Ossetian folk "Dance With Daggers"  






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