Khadartsev Aslan

Aslan Khadartsev  


World class free-style wrestling star of the 1980s 


Honored Sport Master of the USSR 

Honored Trainer of the USSR 

Honored with the Siviet order "Znak Pochiota" 


Trainer - K.M.Dedekkaev 

Competition weight category 100 and 100 kg. + 



- Three time World Champion (1983, 1985, 1986) 

- Two time European Champion (1985, 1986) 

- Four time World Cup Champion (1983-1986) 

- Super Cup Champion (Tokyo, 1985) 

- Four time USSR National Champion (1983-1986) 

- Good Will Games Champion (1986)  




The political games and the following Soviet boycott of the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles deprived Aslan Khadartsev of a real chance to win the Olympic gold medal. From 1983 to 1986 there was no athlete in his weight category, who could beat him on the wrestling mats.  

Bruce Baumgartner, an outstanding American free-style super heavy weight wrestler, who won the Olympic gold in Los Angeles, was later beaten by Aslan Khadartsev in 1986 at the World Championship.  

In 1988 the managers of the Soviet Olympic National team preferred another Ossetian Lery Khabelov to represent the USSR in Seoul in 100 kg weight class.  



These three amazing guys: brothers Makharbek and Aslan Khadartsev and Arsen Fadzaev during the several years got more than 100 medals at the highest level World competitions. It is more than some big countries can get.  



The distinguished wrestler, Aslan Khadartsev could have brought to his Ossetia glory and pride many more times from the Olympics, World and European Championships to his numerous fans. But the horrible car accident at Khataldon (North Ossetia) took his life in 1990. During those days all Ossetian people and wrestling fans in Russia and all over the world were grieving.  



The memorial of Aslan Khadartsev at Khataldon, North Ossetia.  



Aslans younger brother Makharbek Khadartsev made their dreams come true. 

He won two gold and one silver Olympic medals, as well as five gold medals at the World Championships. 

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