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Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page

Хвала братко.

30.09.2011 , 00:47 [ E-mail ]
Serb : It is true!!! go to the top of the page

Many Serbs and Croats fallow the true History of our Origins. That we come from Lusatian Sorbs land(actually they are called Serbs) but there we come from Sumatria. And that Lustian Serbs, Balkans Serbs and Croats are connected to Ossetians. Long live Ossetia, long live Russia!!! 


Kind Regards, 

29.09.2011 , 16:32  
kata : go to the top of the page

The Serbs had the famous chivalric order of St. George' Dragon - The Red Dragon - Milos Obilic, the greatest national hero of the Serbs, had a dragon on his helmet. In Serbian mythology, dragons are good creatures, protectors of people, their land and fruits of their labour from evil. Dragons are said to be fathers of most of the Serbian national heroes... The Serbs connect dragons, the sun and the sun rays in their pre-Christian religion, along with the Slav gods...

25.02.2010 , 14:16  
davor : go to the top of the page

i belive in that.serbian.grettings for brave ossetians!

18.10.2008 , 15:31  
Outstanding Ossetians