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Thank you! I lived in Ossetia for a couple years and then returned to Los Angeles. Just the other day I found an Armenian cheese that is very similar to Ossetinski sir, I'm happy to try to make Ossetinski pirog here in California!

06.06.2011 , 02:02  
Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page

You are not the first one who askes this question  

There is no store anywhere in the world which would sell ankhizhan. You have to make it, and therefore the instructions say:  


"This is a cup of ankhizhan: mix of flour (one tee spoon), yeast (one tea spoon), suger (1 t.s.) and warm water. " 

20.05.2010 , 01:57 [ E-mail ]
qwertyfree : Ankhizhan go to the top of the page

Hi, the website is awesome and the pie looks great but what is the ankhizhan (mix)? Is there an equivalent that can be bought in European supermarkets?

19.05.2010 , 15:35  
Sevgi : go to the top of the page

i get hungry when i see the pictures! 


my mother always makes Ualibakh and Fiddzgin  

she also makes, correct me if im writing it wrong, Gabin thats my favourite! 

(picture i found on the web) http://img.blogcu.com/uploads/meleginmarifetleri_mmmm.jpg 


she makes it with patatoe and you van also make it with meat.. and one time she made it with cheese. 


i wonder what Tsakharadzhin and Kartofdzhin are? can maybe someone gave me the recipe with pictures? 


greetings from the netherlands 



11.08.2009 , 23:38  
OSETIN - Darchiti Georgi : OSETIAN PIES go to the top of the page

Hallo our english brothers! 

On our osetian language "pie" is "tchiri" (pies - tchirita) 



Uastirgi de'mbal Ruslan! Dzabah u!

26.04.2009 , 20:41  
: go to the top of the page

I tried the recipe. It turned out very well ! 


Are there any other ossetian recipes that you could post? I would like to try more! 


Thank you

31.12.2008 , 00:46  
Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page

Yes, they have. We do not call them "pies" in Osseetian. Depending on what kind of filling is in they could be: Ualibakh (singular) , Fiddzgin, Tsakharadzhin, Kartofdzhin, etc . 

Ossetians usually fill the pies with feta cheese mixed with mashed potatoes, swiss chard ( crumbeled up leaves of beet), ground beaf, cabbage, greens, beans, etc.  


The more complete information is currently placed in Russian version of this website and I will do my best to translate it into English soon.  


ˮ񩧠ﳰ楠볨񯣠鸠 Ruslan Kuchity 24.9.2008 .

24.09.2008 , 11:53 [ E-mail ]
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Do they have a common name? or just "pies" 


Is there a usual filling for them or can you fill them with anything you want?

23.09.2008 , 23:27  
Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page

You can take about 300- 400 g. of flour and 15-20 g. of solt per pie.

06.05.2008 , 03:18 [ E-mail ]
gteune : Ingredients List go to the top of the page

How much flour and salt to begin with? I want to make this at home.

06.04.2008 , 15:25
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