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I love Iran... Ironston & Every Iranian in Caucasus & Iran & Central Asia.  


(Iran dust = Iran Lover)!

23.06.2015 , 15:00  
iron leppou : go to the top of the page

Ruslan you are like a saint. Thanks for the link and may God bless all Iron Ademagte. My mother can speak Iron avjaeg very well, hope that I can speak it full one day. You know how Colarusso said: that tiny but fascinating people. I'm always proud to be a member of it. Thanks again and take care.  





27.10.2009 , 00:22  
Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page

Hi Iron Lappou,  

We don't have that song, but I can recommend you another Ossetian web site, and you can find some interesting videos, including the play "Satti and Batti". If your mother can speak Iron Avzag, she will be glad to watch that play.  

It is located at : 



Choose "Сатти и Батти"

24.10.2009 , 20:58 [ E-mail ]
iron leppou : go to the top of the page

Hello from Turkey. My mother asked if there are pieces of a duo: "Shetti and Betti", hope that I do not make a mistake by pronounciation. She told me that they are traditional comedians with master talent. 





24.10.2009 , 20:15  
Bolatberjey : go to the top of the page

Thanks for these beautiful songs. I listen them, every everyday. Specially, age old parts are very nice and incredible for my regard. Very interesting materials; with their poliphonic character and archaic atmospher. Qishyn Fandirs, Wadints, Dala Fandirs... Add more "Jardjitae" please.

31.10.2006 , 14:12  
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