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Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page

By the way, neither Ruslan nor Aslan are Russian or Turkish names.  

As I know "Ruslan" comes from the Iranian name "Rustam" which means huge, strong. Arslan means a lion, if I am not mistaken.

01.04.2015 , 22:37 [ E-mail ]
Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page

Those westerners named Alan do not make us upset at all

01.04.2015 , 22:30 [ E-mail ]
Ricky : Ossetian names go to the top of the page

And in fact it is a little sad to see that such beautiful original Scythian names have been replaced over the years with Ossetians caling their children with Turk/Chechen or Russian names such as Ruslan or Aslan.

31.03.2015 , 07:22  
Ricky : Ossetians are not Russian or Georgian go to the top of the page

Ossetians are proud defendants of Scythians who are of Iranian origin. So saying Ossetia belongs to Goergia or Russia has nothing to do with the ethnic relationship between them. In fact, the Ossetian language is even called Ironi, which is a colloquial easy of saying Irani (Iranian).

31.03.2015 , 07:12  
Tsorita : go to the top of the page

æz varzun Respublikæ Zægat Iryston-Alani :)

18.11.2010 , 20:50  
Ruslan Kuchity : go to the top of the page

We do not mind. Moreover we wish Georgia to become a nice peaceful beutiful country again. Just leave Ossetians alone please.

18.05.2009 , 20:57 [ E-mail ]
TAMAR : go to the top of the page


18.05.2009 , 14:55  
eric : go to the top of the page

I would love to visit Ossetia, is it a safe place for westerners? Is it easy to find temporary girlfriends?

28.01.2009 , 06:15  
Outstanding Ossetians