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Kussov Elmurza
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Elmurza Kussov  




Being a Russian army officer’s son, Elmurza Kussov could never imagine his life without a military service. He was born in 1839 in Zamankul, North Ossetia. Elmurza received his first military education within the 1st cadet military school and later on graduated as a cornet. He was directed to hold his service within Warsaw Military District where in 1863 was taking part in suppression of the Polish rebels.  

In 1865 he was one of those officers who escorted tens of thousands Muslim people of North Caucasus moving to Turkey.  

Elmurza Kussov actively participated in Russian-Turkish war (in 1877-1880) and several other military campaigns in Russia and abroad. He proved himself as a brave and competent commander.  

E.Kussov was awarded the orders of St.Vladimir (two degrees), St.Anna (two degrees), St.Stanislav (two degrees).  

He was also honored with medals for capturing Geok-Tepe, for the campaign to Central Asia, with the Persian Order of Lion and Sun (the second degree).  

In 1900, he was granted a military rank of Major-General and later on retired.  

He had 4 sons: Berd 1873), Zaurbek (1884), Afako (1892), Abubekir (1890), and 3 daughters: Zalikhan (1886), Fatimat (1888), Chabakhan (1890). 




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