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* New project for South Ossetian kids
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Dear Friends!  


We are the heirs of the Alan culture. Being direct descendants, we should have one more original platform for the implementation of the cultural heritage of this area and will be the Children's Chamber Theatre Puppet Nart sagas, which is as important as the State Academic Ensemble "Simd" and the State Academic Drama Theatre. KL Khetagurova. We must develop a legacy for future generations.  


I Siukaev Tamerlan Shalvovich native of South Ossetia Tskhinvali, director, musician, composer. I will not enumerate all the creative work - just type into a search engine - Tamerlan Siukaev. GITIS graduate and internship in the famous Puppet Theater SV Obraztsova (for information).  

Nart epic can be submitted through the original art form. All the architecture and content of the theater designed in the national style and coloring. Benefits: efficiency, profitability, mobility, portability, unlimited technical and artistic feasibility of productions.  


I appeal to all those who can help and contribute.  


For payments in Russia: 

Sberbank of Russia Account № 42307.810.6.6034.1317716  

Siukaev Tamerlan Shalvovich.  


For payments in the RSO.  

The National Bank of the Republic of South Ossetia.  

Account number 40802810000000001991 Siukaev Tamerlan Shalvovich.  


For payments from Russia to South Ossetia. 

Republic of South Ossetia National Bank of Tskhinval Stalin Street 20  

Tel. (8-10-005-344) 52433  

p / s 40802810000000001991 Siukaev Tamerlan Shalvovich.  

The National Bank of South Ossetia, TIN-0000008013 to / from number 30111810500000000042 in the branch "Central" Bank VTB (PAT) 044 525 411 to the NIR / s30101810145250000411 1  

Office in Moscow Main Directorate of the Central Federal District of Moscow. Please send a confirmation (receipt, photos, files) on the transfer of money and other means, by e-mail. teatrnartsepos@mail.ru  

Charity is the best form of patriotism. 



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