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Khugaev Alan
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Alan Khugaev 



Prominent Greco-Roman wrestler,  

Olympic champion (2012, London) 

Silver medal at European Championship (2011) 

Russian National champion (2012). 



He was born in April 27 1989 in Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia. His father Anatoly is also a former wrestler, a Honored Trainer of Russia. Alan and his wife Fatima have a baby daughter.  

Alan started wrestling in 1999 with help of his coaches Vakhtang Gagloev and Vladimir Uruymagov. 














LONDON: Russia's Alan Khugaev won gold in the 84kg division of the greco-roman wrestling at the London Olympics on Monday. 


He beat former 96kg Olympic champion Karam Ebrahim of Egypt to give Russia their second wrestling gold of the Games. 


With a nasty cut above his right eye, Khugaev ran a victory lap of the mat wrapped in his country's flag as Russian supporters celebrated in the packed arena. 


The Russian, who came fifth in the world championships last year, beat Georgia's Vladimer Gegeshidze in the semifinals. 






RT, August 2012: 

Greco-Roman wrestlers are bringing Russia gold medals on a daily basis at the London Games, with Alan Khugaev topping the podium in the 84kg category.  

Khugaev faced Egyptian veteran Karam Mohamed Gaber Ebrahim, who came out of retirement to take part in the Games, in the final.  

In a cautious match, the 23-year-old Russian collected a 3-0 (1-0 2-0) win against the 2004 Olympic champion.  

The Russians head was bandaged as he entered the match, but he says it didnt hamper his wrestling at all.  

Nothing can get in your way when you're taking part in the Olympic final, Khugaev told Sportbox.ru. You cant call this a real injury, just a dissection. I get one of these at almost every competition. 



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