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Abatsiev Dzambolat (Dmitry)
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Abatsiev Dzambolat (Dmitry)  




Dzambolat Abatsiev was born in Kadgaron, North Ossetia. After completing the full course in Vilensky Infantry Military School, he started serving under the command of a famous general Skobelev. This gave him a perfect experience and a big impulse in further achievements. 

Abatsiev actively participated in Russian-Turkish War of 1877-1879 liberating Bulgaria and Eastern Romania. A brave officer shows good samples of heroism in battles at Lovchi, Plevna, Green Mountains, Breslavets, Khirmanly, Tyrnovo, Samejly, Adrianopol, Slivno and many other cities.  

Then he participated in military company in Central Asia, where he was seriously wounded. In the beginning of 1880-th, during the Russian-Japanese War, now colonel Abatsiev commands an Ussuriysky Cossack regiment.  

The subsequent part of his military service is connected with Caucasus. He commands a division and later on, a corps. In January 1912 Dzambolat Abatsiev was given a lieutenant-general rank.  

During the WW1 he commands the 6-th Caucasian Corps, fighting Turkish forces at Erserum and Sarakamysh, in Alashkert and Ongot military operations.  

Dzambolat (Dmitry) Abatsiev was a generous, honest and dedicated officer. He was more then 40 times honored with Russian, Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian, French, and German orders and medals. 

The Russian Revolution of 1917 crushed all his plans for the future. He did not accept bolshevism and communist rule, and he did not accept their opposition as well. This proud man emigrated from Russia and never returned back. He lived in Yugoslavia, working in University library.  

He had three daughters in his marriage with Elisaveta Fouks. We will probably never know, how there was a brave general. But it is obvious, taking in account his great love to Homeland, a heartbreaking nostalgia was bothering him up to the last day. 

He died in 1939.  

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