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Diamonds scattering on Alanian stave
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With a beck of seven Ossetian conductors the music fades and comes alive again. 



The wave of a hand with a graceful stick and music wonderful in its beauty and power fills up the space and your entire being. They are conductors, rulers of souls. Each has his own style, his own approach to working with the orchestra. But all of them are united by two things - music and Ossetia. KP collected some interesting life facts of famous conductors of North Ossetia. 


Fiery Dudarova 

In her 92 years, Veronica DUDAROVA is* still the only female conductor of a symphonic orchestra in the world, having bestowed unforgettable music to listeners all around the world for the past half a century. Her name was added to the Guinness World Records book, and there is a star called Nika Dudarova in the minor solar system. 

Ossetian by descent, she was born in Baku. She then moved to Moscow and started managing the Russian Symphonic orchestra which she had created. For her extraordinary ability to light up the listeners with her magnetic mastery and fiery music, the press gave her the nickname of fiery conductor a long time ago. 


*Unfortunately, Veronika Dudarova passed away on January 15, 2009 (R.K) 



Toulouse opera continuously watches Tugan Sokhievs every move 

Tugan SOKHIEV, who is native of Vladikavkaz, alumni of St. Petersburg conductor school, laureate of prestigious international contests and former assistant to maestro Valeriy Gergiev, has been selling like hot cakes for a long time theatres around the world would welcome the young and talented conductor. Foreign critics appreciated his conducting debut with Wales National opera back in 2002, and then was a wonderful concert in Metropolis in New York. Tugan subjugated Strasburg and Frankfurt, Tokyo and Toscana. Since September 2008 he has been conducting Capitol theatres national orchestra in French Toulouse.  


Music is a strong weapon in the struggle for peace 

At 7 years, Timur ZANGIEV grabbed a very light stick, specially made for him by his teacher, Tamerlan Khosroev, and went on stage. Some thought the performance would be nothing but a fake and proposed, Let him pretend and wave his hands around, while an adult will really conduct from behind the scenes. But the teacher didnt agree to falseness, he had taught and explained everything to the boy and the youngest maestro ever stood at the conductors desk. The boy liked it and now the whole world watches in admiration how 14 year old Timur masterfully feels the orchestra, controls, guides and re-creates the most emotionally powerful works of famous composers. 

Timur already conducted almost all orchestras of the world, says Tamerlan Khosroev with a smile, a teacher at V. Gergiev Vladikavkaz College of arts, Honored arts worker in RSO A, member of the Russian Composers Union and Honored arts worker, while remembering his alumni. He was the only one who started to conduct at the age of 7. Timur has already worked with Bolshoi symphonic orchestra, State chamber orchestra Virtuozy Moskvy, the orchestra of Marrinskiy theatre Now Timur studies in the Central music school at the Moscow State Conservatory. 


A nugget in the pleiad of Ossetian conductors 

Khetag TEDEEV was also discovered by Tamerlan Khosroev. 

Khetag is a nugget! Children do not conduct a symphonic orchestra. Before there was Timur and now Khetag appeared! One like him cant be found within a radius of a thousand miles. The boy started learning when he was 10 and in one and a half years achieved phenomenal success he was already conducting the North-Ossetian State Philharmonics symphonic orchestra! 

Khetag proves a corny phrase that a talented child is talented at everything. He is an A-student at school. He loves math contests and can read a very thick book in a single day and even when learning a new musical piece he dives into the composers world, into the era of Beethoven and Schnittke because every composer has his own style and its impossible to play their works the same way! 

Khetag has amazing stamina and memory. One can open any page of a score for a symphony, tell him the number of a beat, and hell play it! And the way the orchestra listens to him! says Khosroev rejoicing with the achievements of his alumni.  


Ossetian songs in the polyphony of Agunda Kokoytis chorus 

Without a doubt, the soul of Alaniya is not only in music but also in songs. Chamber chorus of the ministry of culture RSO-A under the leadership of Honored Russian arts worker Agunda Kokoyti has been bestowing the world with the sweet sounds of their voices for the past quarter century. When Alaniya sings in a single impulse in the native language everything is turned upside down inside those who listen to it because of the beauty of Ossetian songs. However, the chorus doesnt only sing folk music. They gladden their fans with African spirituals and unforgettable Beatles. Committed and energetic Agunda in the repertoire of Alaniya also places a big emphasis on the Russian spiritual music. Thanks to this magnificent female conductor, Ossetian chorus music is recognizable in the whole world. 


Conductor is a male profession 

Many believe that being a conductor is purely a male occupation and demands great return. Conductor is a person who thinks fast and manages a lot and knows a lot. But the main thing is to be gifted from birth. George ALBEGOV, a student in 5th school in Vladikavkaz, is one such gifted person in his 14 years he can boast having conducted a symphonic orchestra. George doesnt keep secrets about how to conduct an orchestra only continuous self-improvement. Residents and visitors of Vladikavkaz enjoy listening to the result of this work concerts conducted by young Tedeev and Albegov are always a full house. 


Doctor of human souls 

When speaking of Ossetian musical talents, one cannot avoid Valeriy GERGIEV, the artistic leader and chief conductor of Mariinskiy theatre. The five-day war in South Ossetia didnt leave anybody indifferent and having urged journalists to come to Tskhinval and get convinced of the magnitude of the tragedy, he himself interrupted his performances in England and came to Ossetia on the 22nd August. Concert-requiem on the ruins of torn Tskhinval, where candles cried and people sobbed will stay in our hearts forever. The conductor is sure that music is able to change the world and a person listening to Tchaikovskys symphonies will not shoot. 

The powerful chords of Tchaikovskys and Shostakovichs music opened the wounds and waded to the bones and cleansed on that evening. Gergiev cured hearts and souls the way only a real maestro could. 


Oksana Likhacheva 


Translated from Russian 

By Tahir Ahmadov 

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