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Dzykka is one of the most ancient Ossetian meals. Cooked with sour 

cream (or cream) and wheat or corn flour, it reminds one of a yellow 

porridge. Fresh Ossetian cheese can be added to the sour cream, too. 

You will need a cast iron pot. Cooking in a regular cooking pot can 

cause burning on the bottom. 


Add some salt to the sour cream and cook it for 20-25 minutes. Stir 

continuously to avoid burning. While adding flour, continue stirring so 

that no lumps form. Cook dzykka over a low or medium heat until you see 

the melted butter separate from the cream. Spoon off the melted butter 

and leave the dzykka to cool down. 


Nowadays melted butter is not used very often. In the old days 

Ossetians used it to cook other meals and to glaze pies. Salted melted 

butter can be preserved for a long time. Dzykka should be served warm. 


Written by Ruslan Kuchity 


Edited by Chris May 

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