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Founder of the distinguished Kantemirov horse riding dynasty from North Ossetia, Russia. Having begun his career as a circus rider, Alibek Kantemirov was the first in the history of the Russian circus to create a troupe, “Alibek”, to perform traditional Osetian stunts on horses. In 1947 Alibek Kantemirov and his three sons, Khasanbek, Irbek, and Mukhtarbek, created a system of acrobatic horse riding stunts for the Soviet cinema, which later became a classic art form for the Russian cinema. The prestigious stunts & horse dressage of the Kantemirovs have been featured in more than 50 films.  


The Kantemirov Family Circus Dynasty Since 1871 the Kantemirov Family in Russia have been circus performers who are continuously evolving and reinventing the art of the traditional European circus to the exploration of futuristic themes and the use of special effects utilized today.  


In 1907, Alibeck Kantemirov was the first to enter the circus arena as a solo rider and became a legend of Russian Cossack riding. He later formed the Ali-Beks, the first Russian Circus group of its kind who performed traditional stunts on horse. With the Ali-Beks, Kantemirov displayed his superior acrobatic stunts world wide. By 1947 the Kantemirovs were considered to be some of the most experienced and popular riders in Russia and were asked by the Soviet Government to create a system of riding acrobatic stunts for cinema.  


In 1967 Alibeck’s son, Irbek Kantemirov became leader of the Ali-Bek troupe. Irbek held various honours including National Artist of the USSR, and was a five-time national equestrian champion. He was also the originator of many stunts and tricks for the circus and Russian cinema.  


Since 1994 Irbek’s son, Mairbek Kantemirov has been the artistic director of the Ali-Bek troupe. In 1997, recognized as an Honoured artist of Russia and North Ossetia, he created his own theatrical attraction. "Scythians," was centered on the legends of ancient warriors and it quickly became an incredibly successful production in Russia. He became the winner of the National Academy award and winner of the 20 th International Circus Festival in Rome. He has won numerous awards in the Circus and theatrical arts. In 2004 Mairbek released his next show "Star Gaser" which includes different genres of horse and circus arts. "Star Gaser" is based on the last 100 years of Kantemirov family evolution - their combined experience in movies, stadium and hippodrome shows and of course, circus tours. Under Mairbek's guidance, a team of Russia's greatest composers and artists created a special aesthetic for "Star Gaser."  





In May 2006 Mairbek and his cousin Oleg, who is famed in the circus & Russian film industry and who has been part of the Moscow Circus for over 25 years and in many Cirque du Soleil productions, revealed their latest equestrian show "Avaia." The Kantemirov's are considered to be circus royalty and Mairbek and Oleg's knowledge, experience and passion for this art form amazed and delighted audiences in North America. In the spring of "Avaia" was poised to be one of the greatest tourist attractions Niagara Falls would ever see.  






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