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Britaev Khadzhimurat
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Khadzhimurat Britaev  


Major-general, WW2 veteran 


Kh.Britaev was born in Dzuarikau, North Ossetia. His father Elbasduko Britaev, the founder of Ossetian playwriting, died when Khadzhimurat was just seven years old. Unlike his older sister Zariffa, one of the best Ossetian producers, he did not choose a theatre career.  

In 1938 he graduated from Military -Transport Academy and since then he devoted his life to Army and Homeland protection.  

In the beginning of the War, Britaev (within the Coastal Front) held the Nazis’ urge in Odessa for more then 70 days. Then he fulfilled, with honor and courage, tough tasks and orders at some other Fronts. In one of those battles Kh.Britaev was seriously wounded. But after receiving treatment in a hospital, he returned to service. He contributed a lot to the advancement of the troops of Southern and then 4th Ukrainian Fronts.  

In April 1945, heading the reconnaissance guardians Kh.Britaev entered Berlin as one of the first.  

After the war was over Kh.Britaev continued his military service. In 1966 he was given the rank of Major-general. 

Britaev died in 2000.  

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