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.August 2008. South Ossetia. Genocide.
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It took place twice before - in 1922, 1992...  







And it happened again in August, 2008.  













Georgian man from South Ossetian village hailes the troops heading for Tskhinval to "restore the constitutional order" there. Now we all can see what they did and what they got in return.... 
























A father and his two children were inside this car, which was later shot by a Georgian tank.  



They all burnt alive... 



These are not destroyed tanks and armoured vehicles. These are the remains of the civilian cars on which they tried to escape from the monsterous Georgian bombings. The Georgian tanks were ruthlessly firing at them point-blank, running them over. We do not even want to mention what happened with the elderly men, women and children sitting in these cars...  






















They did not want any evidence left. That is why they shoot at the journalists too. This is the car of NTV  





























Let us do something for this doesn't happen ever again... 



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