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.Ordinary Americans pay Georgian price
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In the midst of the U.S. presidential campaign, the fortunes of Georgia have become unexpectedly prominent. As candidates use the conflict to display their foreign policy credentials, voters may not realise that these appeals to be the next commander-in-chief come at a price. The U.S. is expected to foot the bill for the reconstruction of Georgia.  


Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili says he needs 2.3 billion dollars to reconstruct his country. Much of the damage was done in the disputed region of South Ossetia, which has already been promised reparations from Russia. 


Amidst the credit crunch, mortgage crisis, and the spiraling cost of gas, many Americans are doing all they can to save a buck these days, with the national debt rising on average by over a billion a day. 


Saakashvili could address a joint session of Congress - a request has been made by the Congressional Georgia Caucus which helps the Caucasian republic – a place few Americans paid much attention to before it began making headlines and campaign speeches. 


Clifford Gaddy, Senior Fellow from the Brookings Institution, said: “This is all part of trying to get votes”.  


John McCain, for instance, needed to add foreign policy experience to his ticket. And indeed, his poll numbers shot up after his tough talk on the conflict.  


In the opposite camp, just days before Barack Obama named Joe Biden as his pick for Vice President, the head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was in Georgia to lend a helping hand.  


So as tension in the Caucasus continues, back home presidential hopefuls can keep using little known Georgia to make well-known policy points and up their scores. 


The latest news 

September 4, 2008. 


US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says Washington will donate one billion dollars worth of economic aid to Georgia. The package is aimed at helping the country rebuild its economy and infrastructure following last month’s war.  

Rice said the cash would meet “Georgia's pressing humanitarian needs and facilitate its economic reconstruction.” 



Our comment:  

The regular Americans should know, that there were no major destructions in Georgia. Russians aimed to destroy the military bases and infrastructure to prevent the new agression against South Ossetia and Abkhasia. Unlikely South Ossetia, Georgia do not need money to rebuild the schools, hospitals, roads, etc.  

Despite the US government declaration, it is obvious that the major part of that 1 billion dollars, they are going to "help" Georgia with, will be spend on rebuilding the military forces and on buying expensive weapons. Because, regardless of the public opinion, your government wants to keep Georgia capable to fulfill their heopolitical tasks in Caucasus region. We are afraid if it's all about the oil and trillions of dollars of profit for the people in power.  

But you are going to be those whos money will be used to reach this goal as well as for killing the innocent people, like they did in South Ossetia.  







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