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Aldatov Ibragim
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Ibragim Aldatov 


Free-style wrestling world champion (2006), silver medallist at world championship 2007. 



1999 - North Ossetia championship - gold 

2004 - International tournament in Kiev - gold 

2006 - International tournament in Dagestan - gold 

2006 - World championship in China - gold 

2007 - World championship in Baku - silver 


Ibragim Aldatov was born in Brut, North Ossetia (Russia).  

Started wrestling in 1996. His first coaches - Valentin Gozoez and Arthur Bazaev.  

Weight class - 74 kg. 


Ibragim moved to Ukraine in 2006 and presently lives in Kharkov.  

His coaches - Elbrus Tedeev and Yuri Terekhin.  







At the world championship 2006 in China he became a champion. On his way to this great victory Aldatov won all his matches. He was also named an "Outstanding wrestler of the tournament". 


In 2007 he was also pretty close to win a gold medal again. But in a very tough final mach he lost (1:1, 2:2) to Russia's Makhach Murtazaliev and got silver. 





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