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Medoev Daukui
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Medoev Daukui 

Hero of the Russian-Japanese and the First World wars, Holder of the St.George Cross (all degrees).  



He was born on August 17, 1874 in the village Volno-Magometanskoye (Chikola) in a peasant family. His father died early and the boy was raised in the family of his uncle Tasoltan where he received a solid working education and a good general education at that time he spoke Russian easily.  

Daukui began his military service in 1898 as a volunteer of the Chinese-Estern railroad guards. He received his first award the St.George cross of the 4th degree for heroism shown in fighting near village Tengan-dzi on July 9, 1900. Only two months passed when Daukui was decorated with the George of the 3rd degree, then other distinctions followed. 

Daukui Dudarikoevich was heavily wounded in the fighting against the hunhuzes, was dismissed and returned to his homeland. However, with the start of the Russia-Japan war D.Medoev was in the army again. In June 1904 for heroism against the Japanese near Vafin-gou he was decorated with the St.George cross of the 2nd degree and appointed corporal, and soon after senior corporal, then praporshik. 

In November 1904 D.Medoev was rewarded with the most honorable military distinction of the lower ranks the St.George cross of the 1st degree. In June 1906 Daukui was appointed second lieutenant and in 1907 he got his ninth military award the 3rd degree Order of the St.Stanislav with the swords and the bow. 

In July 1908 he was placed on the retired list. Daukui and his wife Fatima Gazdarova returned home and began peaceful life. They gave birth to the daughter Amina, then son Georgiy, all in all they had 7 children. Daukui was an authority with his fellow-villagers and his opinion was always considered. His peaceful life had been interrupted again, now by the First World war. Daukui Medoev went to the army, fought in the Turkish theatre of war. After the end of the war he returned to his native village. 

Daukui stayed away from politics, lived in peace and accord with everyone and the villagers respected him a lot for that. However, the new regime ignored his previous distinctions. In winter of 1930 D.Medoev was arrested and exiled to the Ural region. He died there in the years preceding the Great Patriotic war. 

One can imagine what kind of life the family of the peoples enemy was leading. His children were not accepted in any of the educational institutions. By 1941 the family was scattered almost across the whole country. However, when the Great Patriotic war began the sons of the St.George holder swallowed all the insults and volunteered to go to the front. All the four sons fell in battle. Mother of seven died in early seventies, soon followed by her younger daughter. At the turn of the century the eldest daughter Amina passed away at the age of 80. Her husband perished at the WW2 front. 

D.D.Medoev was rehabilitated only in 1990. 


U.Batyrov, candidate of History, colonel in retirement 

Translated by Andrei Varava  

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