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Dzitiev Inalyk
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Inalyk Dzitiev  


Holder of St.George Cross (all degrees), Russian Army colonel  


Incomplete evidence of witnesses and relatives gives us the picture of the man who is considered one of the best representatives of Ossetian military intellectuals Inalyk Dzitiev. From this evidence we learn about his character traits, passions, heroic deeds, and also the way he was treated by the Czar family. 

Inalyk Dzitiev took part in the Russia-Japan and First World wars and was decorated with the four St.George crosses for his military services. No wonder that his death in one of the WWI battles was painful not only for his relatives and all Ossetians, but for the Emperor as well. 

The remaining note says that the Czar sent the whole box full of money which was enough to cover the familys several funeral repasts and even a horse-race in memory of the hero. However, the highest recognition of the man and his talents is the songs composed and sung by the people in his honor. 

There is a song composed by the people about the feats and famous death of Inalyk Dzitiev. We regret that we do not have any other documented evidence which would let us tell more about this glorious son of the Ossetians. Nevertheless, we hope we managed, though partially, to pay homage to Inalyk Dzitiev.  


Based on the book SYNY OTECHESTVA by G.T.Dzagurova 

Vladikavkaz, Proekt-Press, 2003. 


Translated by Andrei Varava  

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