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Beriev Georgy
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Outstanding aircraft designer, Major-General  




Georgy M. Beriev was born on February 13, 1903 in Tiflis (Tbilisi).  

In 1923 after graduating from Tiflis railway system college he entered Polytechnic Institute. In 1925 he transferred to Leningrad polytechnic institute, college of shipbuilding, aircraft department.  


In 1930 upon graduation from the Institute, he began working as designer in Design Bureau headed by French designer P.A. Richard.  


In the end of 1930 he became the Deputy of Marine Team Chief of Menzhinsky Plant Central Design Bureau.  


In 1934 he was appointed as Chief Designer and Head of Central Design Bureau of Seaplanes Manufacturing (TsKBMS), and worked in this position till 1968.  


The following seaplanes were designed under his guidance: MBR-2, MR-1, MR-1T, ship-based catapulted airplane KOR-1 and KOR-2, Be-6, jet flying boat Be-10, amphibious aircraft Be-12 (with modifications) and Be-12PS - serial; MDR-5, MBR-7, LL-143, Be-8, R-1, Be-14, Be-30 (Be-32) experimental passenger aircraft, esperimental flying bomb P-10.  


Georgy M. Beriev was member of scientific-and-technical panels of State Committee of Council of Ministers of aircraft engineering and State Committee of shipbuilding and scientific-and-technical panels of Navy aviation. Major-general of engineer-technical service (1951), Doctor of Science (1961), twice the laureate of State award (1947 - for designing Be-6; 1968 - for designing Be-12), was awarded with two Lenin Orders and two orders of Red Banner, and medals.  


The last years of his life he spent in Moscow and was engaged in scientific activities.  


He died on July 12 , 1979.  


The history of BERIEV Aircraft company traces back to October 1, 1934.  

This date is considered as the starting point for Taganrog Central Design Bureau of Seaplane Manufacturing organized at the facilities of Aircraft Plant №31. The engineer Georgy M. Beriev became the Chief Designer of the Bureau. At that time, the Design Bureau was mainly engaged in seaplane construction.  

Throughout the 70 years of its history, BERIEV has demonstrated exceptional creativity and has contributed immensely to the development of Russian science and technology, first and foremost in the field of seaplanes and amphibian aircraft construction.  

The MBR-2 short-range reconnaissance aircraft, KOR-1 (Be-2) and KOR-2 (Be-4) ship-borne seaplanes designed in prewar years were used to advantage by the Navy during World War II.  

Within the time period from the '40s to '60s, a number of worldwide-known seaplanes were designed for sea frontier patrolling (Be-6 flying boat, Be-10 jet seaplane, and Be-12 amphibian, the largest at that time). But seaplane construction was not the only domain of Taganrog Design Bureau. In those years, the specialists of the Bureau were also engaged in designing the P-10 flying bomb for submarine armament.  

In 1968 BERIEV designed Be-30 (Be-32) short-haul aircraft. In the '70s and '80s, BERIEV considerably expanded its scope of design work. Those years are remarkable for the development of strategic arms integrated systems (the A-50 airborne early warning and guidance system and the TU-142MR super-long-range liaison system) on the base of the existing carrier aircraft. BERIEV also participated in designing the "Buran" space shuttle.  

1986 was the year of maiden flight of the A-40 versatile amphibian, the largest in the world. A-42PE patrol, search and rescue amphibian was designed on the base of the A-40 amphibian.  

Now, along with being a defense contractor, BERIEV Aircraft Company is engaged in civil projects. An example of this is the Be-200 versatile civil amphibian developed by BERIEV. The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations has already got two Be-200ES version aircraft in operation. The serial production is kept on, with one aircraft produced each year. In August/September 2004, the Be-200ES aircraft demonstrated successful operation in Italy under an agreement between BERIEV and SOREM, the latter being the official firefighting aircraft operator authorized by the Civil Defense Department (Protezione Civile) of Italy.  

In August/September 2004, the Be-200ES aircraft demonstrated successful operation in Italy under an agreement between BERIEV and SOREM, the latter being the official firefighting aircraft operator authorized by the Civil Defense Department (Protezione Civile) of Italy.  

Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Production Association is engaged in serial production of Be-103 light amphibian. This amphibian has a Type Certificate issued by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the USA.  

Jointly with other Russian companies, BERIEV is taking part in the program of designing a family of RRJ new-generation short-range airliners. Another important field of work for BERIEV is AEW aircraft projects. The development of an aircraft provided with special airborne system for momentary and high-precision transport of energy to remote objects was started in the late '70s and is kept on at present time.  

Now BERIEV has a number of different amphibian aircraft projects at the development stage. Among them there are super-heavy seaplanes with take-off mass up to 2500 ton.  

Since the date of foundation, BERIEV Aircraft Company specialists have designed 29 types of aircraft for various purposes; 14 of these aircraft have been in serial production. 228 world aviation records have been broken by pilots flying BERIEV seaplanes and amphibians constructed at different times. The records are registered and acknowledged by the International Aviation Federation. In the course of research and development work, BERIEV specialists have received more than 900 certificates of authorship and patents for the designed aircraft and their structural components. In November 1989 BERIEV Aircraft Company became the only defense industry enterprise to win the Prize for Quality awarded by the Government of Russia.  

But the most important result of all these years of work is, undoubtedly, the creation of the unique Russian aircraft design school which now holds a key position in the field of development of hydroplanes and amphibians.  


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