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Adyrkhaeva Svetlana
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Svetlana Adyrkhaeva  


Bolshoy Theater's prima ballerina of 1960's through 1980's,  

People's Artist of the U.S.S.R.  


As a little girl, she was sent from a faraway village Khumalag in Ossetia to the Vaganova Choreography School, where she had spent a long nine years. Then, having worked for a few years at various theaters, she finally ended up at the Bolshoy, where she had remained one of the most faithful disciples of Galina Ulanova. During her almost 30-year performing tenure at the Bolshoy she had never quit rehearsing underthe guidance of the great ballerina. Yet another mentor of hers was the great Marina Semyonova, who was her permanent repetiteur at the Theater. Such constancy is very characteristic of Svetlana Adyrkhaeva . She is utterly devoted to the art of ballet, whose sublime symbols Ulanova and Semyonova are.  

Svetlana Adyrkhaeva had to wrest the status of ballerina at the Bolshoy while dancing side by side with such greats as M. Plisetskaya, R. Struchkova, M. Kondratieva, N. Timofeeva, N. Sorokina, N. Bessmertnova and Ye. Maksimova, as well as the next generation dancers such as N. Pavlova, L Semeniaka, N. Simizorova, and N. Ananiashvili. This list of outstanding ballerinas is far from complete, and each one of them might have been looked at as a potential rival. Yet, in the Bolshoy repertoire, there were productions associated with none other Adyrkhaeva alone. Such were Spartacus where she danced Egina, A Legend of Love with her Mahmene Banu, and The Flower of Stone's Mistress of the Mount Copper. But most manifestly had there «flowed» through her entire artistic life her Odette-Odile. There was something ineffably personal in her rendering of those parts. Perhaps it was a certain  

savor of oriental plastique, of subtle delicacy. The so-called «open temperament-was alien to the ballerina; she gave herself to the epic tenor of dance... These days S. Adyrkhaeva trains many young and talented dancers. 



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