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Bassiev Budzi
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Budzi Bassiev  




B.Bassiev was born in 1949 in the mountainous village Tsey, North Ossetia. He graduated from North Caucasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, specializing in mining machines in 1972. Then he worked as an engineer at Sadonsky industrial mining complex up to 1974 when he was hired as a communist party official, and later he became a KGB officer.  

After the North Ossetian Republican Customs Agency was established, Budzi Bassiev was appointed to a high rank-Custom-house officers position. From May 14th, 1998 he headed this Agency. It is necessary to recognize, for the period of its management of this major department hard process of major transformations of a customs infrastructure of North Ossetia has dropped out. 

Work in complex sociopolitical conditions of North Caucasian region, reconstruction and arrangement of the basic customs check points Verkhni Lars and Nizhni Zaramag already on the world standards, precise execution of all federal planned targets - all these components are successfully realized, the customs field of republic operates already precisely and effectively. 

During his visit to North Ossetia the chairman of Russian Federal Customs Committee Michael Vanin promoted the North-Ossetian Customs Agency to 1-st category, thus showing respect to his Ossetian colleagues. 

On February 25th, 2000 acting as the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed the decree # 437 about assignment of a rank of the major-general of Customs Service to Budzi Bassiev - the chief of North-Ossetian Customs. 

Assignment of a rank of general-major to Budzi Bassiev is a recognition of his professionalism and organizational skill to cope with a great bulk of questions and problems. 

In 2004 B.Basiev has resigned from Custom Agency Chief position . 


(translated by Geor Kaytukov)

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