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Khutiev Georgy
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Khutiev Georgy  


Colonel of the General Staff. 


G.Khutiev was born in Chernoyarskaya, North Ossetia into a family of the hereditary Cossacks. He completed a full course in Tiflissky Infantry School and later on in Nikolaevsky Military Academy (1912).  

Georgy participated in combats of the Russian-Japanese War. Then in 1914 as a commander of Cossack “sotnia” (one hundred troops) he took part in battles of WW1 at the Caucasian front. For his courage and excellent commanding skills he was honored with Russian orders, medals and a personal handgun. Later on he was appointed to serve within the General Staff of Russian Army.  

After the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 took place, Khutiev returned to Tersky Region and participated in Cossacks’ uprising against Bolsheviks. In 1919 Colonel Khutiev was appointed a Tersky Cossack Army Staff Commander.  

But the resistance of the former Russian Army elite forces was not strong enough to overpower the new Bolshevik regime which was supported by the poor people all over the country.  

The battles were lost, and Georgy Khutiev moved to Constantinople along with other troops of the White Army. Here he continued to perform his duties as a Staff Commander until 1922. When it became clear, there is no way to turn the things back, he moved to Bulgaria and later – to USA.  

The old brave and glorious Colonel never had a chance to return to his Motherland again. He died in New York in 1964. 



(We will be glad to receive any additional information about G.Khutiev)  

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