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Baroev Michael
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Michael Baroev  


Major-general, WW2 veteran 


M.Baroev was born in Gizel, North Ossetia. After graduating from the military school in 1941, a young lieutenant Baroev went to the front. He started his military service fighting Nazis at Leningrad, Karelia and Baltic. During the war he was wounded three times but every time after getting treated in hospitals he returned to the front. Baroev was honored with several orders and medals for his heroism and courage. 

After WW2 was over major Baroev continued his military service. In 1954 he graduated from Frunze Military Academy and in 1959 from the Soviet Military Forces General Stuff’s Academy.  

In 1961 Baroev had been appointed commander of the division. And in 1963 he became a major-general.  

Michael Baroev died in 1994. He was buried at Path of Fame in Valdikavkaz. 

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