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Bicherakhov Georgy
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Georgy Bicherakhov  

Well-known public figure and counter-revolutionary in 1917-1922  

The brother of Russian general Lazar Bicherakhov. Menshevik, organizer of anti-soviet revolt of North Caucasian Cossacks in 1918.  


He was the leader of anti-revolutionary Tersky Cossack-Peasant Council, and then Temporary People Government of Tersky Region  

On the 23-d of June 1918 Cossacks in Terek revolted against the Soviet rule. Georgy Bicherachov headed the insurrection and among the participants were not only rich Cossacks but also Cossack workers who defended their property, land and the mode of life. 

The poor in Checheno-Ingushetia, and other regions however, supported Bolsheviks in their war against Cossacks led by Bicherachov despite the calls by prominent secular and religious leaders in Chechnya. They defended the Soviet rule hoping that it would keep its promise of the just distribution of land and ending the national oppression. 

But no sooner the Bolsheviks celebrated their victory over the supporters of Bicherakhov. The army led by General Denikin invaded Terek region and North Caucasus again involved in the civil war in Russia. 

In August 1918 the detachment of colonel Sokolov along with Ossetians entered Vladikavkaz and kicked out the Bolsheviks. As a military operation it was a real shady enterprise. After eight day of battles this city returned to the hands of Bolsheviks and supporting them Ingushes. They started mass executions of Ossetians and Cossack officers.  

The Cossacks paid a big price for their defeat. Ingushes leading by Vassan-Girey Dzhabagiev destroyed Tatskiy khutor and surrounded the Cossack villages Sunzhenskaya, Tarskaya, Akki-Yurtovskaya. They all received the ultimatum - give up their weapons and move over the left side of Terek River.  



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