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Tchotchieva Roksolana
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Roksolana Tchotchieva  

Artist, journalist.  



Rokksolana was born in Vladikavkaz, Russia, into a family of well-known artist Magomet Tchotchiev.  

She was awarded her Masters Degree of Fine Art by the V.I. Surikov State Academic Institute of Fine Arts (Moscow) in 1996 and has since exhibited her work in many countries including Spain, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Russia and Canada. Roksolana has experience in a wide variety of painting including oil, water color, acrylics and pastel, and is an expert in monumental works including mosaic, fresco and graffito. Her works feature in many private collections throughout the world. Roksolana now lives in Toronto, Canada. She is a Member of the Association of Russian Artists from former USSR in Canada, and a Member of Russian Artists Union.  



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