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Agoev Konstantin
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Konstantin Agoev  


Lieutenant-general, a World War I hero.  


Konstantin Agoev was born in Novo Osetinovskaia, North Ossetia into a family of Cossack military officer.  

Later on he received military education, became an officer and actively participated in combats of World War l. There are many feats of arms in Agoevs biography proving the fact of his outstanding courage and intrepidity.  

On August 5, 1914 he heading a group of scouts, attacked the Hungarian semi- squadron and captured 27 troops and 26 horses.  

On September 11, 1914 in a battle at the Ushok Gorge, K.Agoev heading 10 Cossacks attacked the enemys defense line. Fighting with courage he got heavily wounded. But several months later, though he had not completely recovered, Agoev returned back to his service within the Second Volgsky Regiment.  

In August he put into practice a unique cavalry attack. Heading a Cossack Sotnia (a hundred of horsemen) he rushed to the attack the German emplacements. When they reached the wire entanglement under the machine-gun fire Agoev ordered the Cossacks to dismount and chop the wires with sabers. Then they swiftly passing over the narrow bridge broke into the entrenchments of Germans. In that battle the Cossack Sotnia captured 9 officers, 286 troops along with 7 machine-guns and many other arms. For the heroism and quick wit everyone within Sotnia, including K.Agoev, was honored with Crosses of St.George.  

The Revolution of 1917 brought a big confusion to Russian military forces. Konstantin Agoev was seeing his patriotic and civic duty in saving his Homeland from the reds (communists).  

In June 1918 he stirs up Piatigorsk Cossacks rebellion and since then he keeps fighting against Red Army forces. In the combats at Stanitsa Suvorovskaia Agoev was heavily wounded again. 

After the Civic War was lost by the White Army, in spite of his patriotic feelings, physical and spiritual wounds and ruin of his hopes, Agoev could not accept a new communist Russia.  

He immigrated to USA. He died in Los Angeles in 1971. 

Konstantins older brother Vladimir Agoev also was a military Cossack officer, became a Major-General, heroically participated in WW1 combats and then fought against Bolshevik regime as well. He was killed in 1920. 


The Sons of Fatherland, by G.Dzagurova.  

Translated from Russian by Ruslan Kuchity  




Konstantin Agoev was an honest and brave officer. After eight decades of burying in oblivion, we now learnt about his valiant military service and heroic deeds. And it is of no concern whose side he was on, the reds or the whites during the Civil War.  

The fact is: K.Agoev honestly protected the lofty ideals, he was carrying his whole life.  

Unfortunately, we do not know anything about his life in Los Angeles. We also do not know if anyone of his descendants still lives in USA.  

And we appreciate if anybody who knows more about these thins some day will share the information with us. Ossetian people should know and keep good memories about one of the glorious sons of our nation.  


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