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The Project
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As a result of almost five years of hard work this project includes various information about Ossetian nation. It is not over yet. I continue to collect the missing information and keep working on this web site. A lot of information still need to be translated into English. It takes time, and that is why just the names of the personalities are shown in so many of the articles.  


The goal of this project is to give the people around the world a chance to learn more about Ossetia and Ossetians.  

The intent of this project was not to tell you about people who live within certain administrative borders, but rather inform you about the people who ethnically belong to the Ossetian Alanian nation, regardless places of birth and residence. Because of the small population and ancient traditions, almost every ethnic Ossetian keeps in touch with Ossetia and considers it as their only Fatherland.  


The English version of this project created for those, who do not speak neither Ossetian, nor Russian, but for some reason have an interest on the Ossetian Nation. 


You can create a mental image of Ossetians (the ancient and distinctive with the unique language and culture), when you review this site and introduce it with the information, which was gathered from the different sources. As you are well aware, the famous and well-known representatives (positive as well as negative) of any nation can create a certain image of the nation.  


In the case of the Ossetian people this is definitely true, because Ossetians always had strong individual characteristics but at the same time they were not good team players. That is why Ossetians achieved more in the fields where the skills, will, power and spirit of individuals have the decisive importance (science, military service, homeland protection, athletic sports etc).  


This type of project always requires thorough research. Though I did not intend to act like an ethnographer or a historian, I was obliged to collect information, carefully look through the necessary facts and choose everything that was suitable to include into this project. 


My goal was to gather any possible information from any source available, rework this info, translate it into English and Ossetian and submit it for your consideration.  

Unfortunately at this point there are many articles in the project still empty or not complete. That means we do not have enough information or that we are working on the translation.  


In case you have any particular interest toward the people included in this project and the information is not filled enough for your needs, feel free to e-mail me and I will help you with all my means.  


The site is alive. It is permanently growing. With the help of my friends, some relatives and Ossetian patriots all over the world, I will keep working on this site and keep developing it.  


And now, I would like to introduce you the people who contributed to this site and the project so far. Without them I would probably never manage to handle this work alone. 


I would like to thank the following people from the bottom of my heart:  


First of all Sergey A.Tabolov from Moscow, who provided space on his website www.iriston.com and took it upon himself to take care of all the technical design and send me all required instructions. He takes part in the site Administration as well.  


Galina T. Dzagurova, Professor of the North Ossetian State University pleasantly gave me her permission to use the information of her books The Sons of Motherland and Under The Russian Banners.  


I found so much interesting information reading the book of Kazbek Chelakhsaty Ossetia and Ossetians. This is a wonderful book indeed and the author- Ossetian patriot did a great job.  


Madina G. Plieva supplied me with the valuable information on the old generation of Ossetian Theatre actors and producers.  


I received very valuable information and photos from Aslanbek Enaldiev , a famous weightlifter of 1970s (see the Enaldiev Aslanbek article) 


Visiting Ossetia in 2005 I was given a nice gift the new informative book Ossetia in the World of Sports written by E.Panteleev, I.Totoonty, K.Dzatseev, R.Tsomaev and Ossetian Sports researcher Sergey Gagiev.  


My closest friend and one of the best performers of the Ossetian folk songs, engineer Valery Tanklaev as well as a young businessman Kazbek Dzliev helped me collect some really amazing information and songs.  


A very knowledgeable computer specialist Vadim Pukhaev from Vladikavkaz designed the Home page of the site.  


A nice young Ossetian lady, an Ossetian language expert Vanda Dudaeva also provided some good information for the project. 


Several articles were translated into English by the University student from Nalchik, Georgy Kaytukov .and by the economist from Toronto, Sergey Kharebov.  


Working on this website I received valuable advices from Victor Kharebov , representative of the Ossetian community in Toronto.  


I appreciate the help of Ruslan Tavitov, Aslan Pliev and Sergey Gassiev as well. 


It is not considered to be a good manner for Ossetians, to thank close relatives in public. But I cannot skip my beloved nephews Sergey and Alexander Kuchievs . They became my trans-shipment point or base to scan so much of the incoming information, photos and transfer them to me. They also helped me collect the information within Ossetia. 


Many people helped. I am positive that even more will help. Because there are so many Ossetians in Ossetia and those who feel respect toward Ossetians around the world wish good to their beloved people.  

The political and ethnical problems surrounding Ossetia will go away. The wisdom and the spirit of our ancestors will overpower the extremism and terrorism in the North Caucasus region.  

Ossetians have chosen the way of peace and friendship, the way of economical and cultural development and prosperity. And we want the people around the world to know it.  


God bless you all!  


æ ææ!  




Author of the project

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