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Tsagaev Alan
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Alan Tsagaev 


A prominent weight lifter. 


Competition weight class – 105 kg. 



- Silver medal at Olympics in Sydney (2000) 

- Gold medal at European Championship (2004) 

- Runner-up at World Championship  



Alan Tsagaev was born in North Ossetia. He successfully competed at cadet and espoir competitions, winning gold medals. 

In 1998 Alan Tsagaev moved to Bulgaria. Since then he has represented this country at the world competitions.  

At the Olympics in Sydney (2000) almost the whole Bulgarian team was disqualified because of the doping and only Alan Tsagaev was allowed to compete. Alan proved that he is one of the best in his weight class, getting the silver medal. He only let Khussein Tavakoli get ahead of him. 

After the Olympics, Tsagaev came in second at the World Championship (2002) and won the European Championship. He also won the prestigious world tournament with Snatch-185kg. and Clean & Jerk-232.5kg. For this achievement, Alan Tsagaev was awarded the 190g. golden medal and a cash prize.  

Before the Olympics in Athens, Tsagaev had been considered one of the athletes, who could win competitions. But due to his injuries he had to skip out the Games. 

Now Tsagaev prepares himself for the upcoming Olympics in Beijing. 


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