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Pliev Ruslan
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Ruslan Pliev  


World Class Sport Master 


Free-style wrestling European Champion (1972) 

Winner of many prestigeous tournaments  

Two time Masters World Champion (1993, 1994)  















I know Ruslan Pliev since 1973, when I started attend his wrestling classes at Gorsky State University. In the beginning of 1970's Ruslan was the most prominent free-style wrestler in North Ossetia. And we were so proud of taking lessons from him.  

Inspite of his medals and other honors, he did not get a swelled head, remaining just an "older guy" for us. Ruslan Pliev is a person of good manners, always being a outwardly restrained and modest enough Ossetian man. And communicating with him it is hard to immagine that, more than 30 years ago he was a tough opponent to the best free-style wrestlers in the world. 


Ruslan Kuchity 

author of the project "Ossetians"  


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